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Hello i have recently been the subject of fraud through itunes it happened over a week ago but it went unnoticed by me at first someone has purchased 18 different £25 gift cards equaling £425 yet when i email itunes over 2 days ago will be 3 days in 12 hours i still yet to recive a reply and untill i get my reply i can not get my money back through my banks Fraud section.. Anyone else haveing this problem or if there is someone that works for itunes reads this please respond to my email

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    Sorry, but no one from the iTunes Store will read nor respond to your post here. We're all just fellow users.

    The iTunes Store customer service department is, probably due to overload from the Mac App Store, taking longer than normal to respond. You can try contacting them again (I presume you used the form on their Support page) but I don't know if a second request will get you a response any faster.

    I don't know if any response from them will be of much help, though, if this charge was to a credit card. You'll probably just be told to contact your credit card company. I don't know about UK laws, but in the US, once a card company authorizes a charge, any fraud or other problem with the charge become the problem of the credit card company, not the merchant.

    Good luck, and regards.
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    Apple used to allow you to block your credit card number universally. I did that a few years ago, but Itunes charges have started to show up on the credit card again and I didn't do anything to "unblock" it. I have spoken to Apple Customer Service on the telephone and they state that they are not allowed to block a credit card. I have chatted with Customer Service online and they indicate that an email must be sent to Itunes. I have not sent the email, but I suspect if someone won't help me live, that no one will help me by email. Apple Customer Service has become very disappointing. Fraudulent charges must be a good market segment!
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    Did you bring your Mac to an Apple store for service soon before the fraudulent activity showed up?
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    I received 3 charges yesterday 02/22/2011 in my Apple iTunes Store Account from:
    Ninjas Live, 1700 Honor Points, Seller: *Storm8 LLC*
    Ninjas Live, 300 Honor Points, Seller: *Storm8 LLC*
    Ninjas Live, 60 Honor Points, Seller: *Storm8 LLC*
    The total amount of these 3 transactions was $124.97...
    I had in my account enough funds to just cover thia amount. I have no credit cards, or other funding source authorized. This cash was primarily from Gift Cards received.
    Imagine my surprise to discover in subsequent searches:
    1. These types of charges have been occuring over the last year, and been linked to a "suspect" Company known to APPLE..
    2. After being used to fine service by company's such as AMAZON, to discover that APPLE had NOT ONE phone number that you could call to advise of this FRAUDULENT activity........
    3. An e-mail format, obsoleted year's ago and hard to follow was the only method available.... And of course almost 24 hours later and NO RESPONSE..
    I only wish I had researched APPLE's complete lack of accountabilitry sooner, rather than later. I am also amazed at the number of people on the Internet who are sadder and wiser from APLEL's total LACK OF CUSTOMER RESPONSE/SEVICE......
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    Call iPod Tech Support, they do iTunes as well. 1800MYAPPLE. Explain that you have already e-mailed the iTunes store without receiving a reply and they will chat them for you. They will ban your credit card from use in the iTunes Store and refund the money within 3-5 days.
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    I just had two orders placed on my account for a Storm8 app and in-app purchases for £11.99 each. I emailed Apple and customer service person has already come back to me saying that £11.99 will be refunded plus an additional £223.98 (which I wasn't even aware of!!). I wasn't aware that someone had spent so much money on my account because only my gift card money had been wiped out based on the receipts that were waiting in my email account. I will be calling them tomorrow.
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    That's interesting. I have recently experienced similar fraud and the only place where my password was potentially compromised was during a visit for service at an Apple store about a month ago.