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Is it possible to update Automator on Tiger to the Leopard version? I have scripts that work on Leopard and don't work on Snow Leopard that I would like to put on my PowerBook (Tiger) and run. From what I see of other posts, Leopard scripts don't run on Tiger easily (if at all).

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iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.6), & iMac 10.5.8 & PowerBook G4 Tiger
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    Sorry to report, Leopard/10.5's Automator only runs in Leopard/10.5
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    And, since my 10.5 Automator actions don't work in Snow Leopard, I guess I can assume I can't degrade 10.6 Automator to 10.5's Automator. Which also seems to mean that any action I create on one system could need to be re-done on the next system. Oh, well, back to the drawing board.
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    Yep, maybe create it in 10.4 & use Applescripts to get 10.5/10.6 type functions, I think that'd run on them all.
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    Automator on 10.4 doesn't have the capabilities I need, they are available in 10.5, though. For now, it looks like I will have to use my Leopard iMac for this work, not my Snow Leopard one.
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    What isn't working? Some of the frameworks changed a bit, but the functionality is basically the same. I just had to add some coercions in my AppleScript-based actions to get them running in Snow Leopard.
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    I work at a community college and deal with the student information system, inputting semester class schedules. It is repetitive, so I created some workflows to enter the data. Basically, this happens: go to TextWrangler, cut the first word in the file, switch to browser, paste data, save, repeat. There are other steps, but that is the basic operation. In Leopard, I could loop this any number of times, in Snow Leopard the loop runs twice and then stops. I used TextWrangler because I couldn't get the "cut" to work well in Word or TextEdit. The "cut" steps are an AppleScript, the rest is Automator actions.