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I'm having microphone problems with my iPhone 4. When I am using the phone nobody can hear me, and the Apple supplied headset/mic just quit picking up my voice too. The voice memo app pics up my voice fine, so it necessarily cannot be a hardware problem with bad mic. It must be software related bug. At least that is my guess. Tried restoring the phone to factory settings but still no luck fixing the bad mic on phone calls.

Any ideas???

iPhone 4, iOS 4
  • MaliciousGnome Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same issue. My voice memo works perfectly and sometimes my mic does on calls. When the mic/audio issue occurs, I can hear the caller but they can't hear me at all; I don't hear an echo and they don't hear me muffled. There's just dead nothing. It doesn't seem to matter if I made the call or if they called me. I've only had my iPhone for about two weeks and I've already had this issue happen on four different days with multiple calls; it can work fine for a call and then go wonky on the same day two calls later.

    I took it to an AT&T (my provider) retailer the first time it happened because I had no idea what was going on and they reset the phone and the audio worked again. I've since reset the phone myself when it happens and occasionally it's fixed it but other times it isn't. Once on a call with my husband I was able to hit speakerphone and then turn that off and the mic worked again. Sometimes it doesn't matter what I do; the sound just isn't there for the other person on the line.

    This random working/not working is driving me crazy! Not being able to rely on my phone +as a phone+ has kind of made me regret getting an iPhone. I am almost positive it's not a hardware issue because as I said, voice memo works fine and when the phone wants to cooperate the sound works fine.
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    I'm having the same problem. i can call and receive, but the people can't hear me when I speak into the phone. It just started this morning, 28 Feb 11. People can hear me if I put it on speaker phone or use my ear phones. very frustrating.
  • PR_Osvaldo Level 1 (0 points)
    It does happens to me, it does not work with the blue-tooth headset or the apple headset. Any luck?
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    the same is happening to me, but now i can't record video with audio, during a call my speaker works but people can't hear me,

    help please
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    I have seen this problem reported at least 50 times on these forums. Noone out of any of those have seemed to fix this problem I suggest making a trip to your local apple store and getting a replacement.
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    I have been having the same problem, and many more. The mic comes and goes frequently, and while using all different types of apps. I actually took my device to the Apple Genius who started by saying "well there is some green corrosion on the 30pin connector." Translation- perhaps the weather (dew, moisture, etc) caused a build up in the dock connector. The Genius also said quite frequently "I'm not accusing you..." Seems to me that they quickly point out these things and even say "we aren't pointing fingers" to get out of replacing the device.


    Regardless, his fix was to blow a can of air into the device. He made a few calls to his own phone, the mic seemed to work. Yes a can of air will blow away any debris however if there is anything in there that may be loose it could have loosened it further, because low and behold I get home and THE PHONE DOESNT WORK. Again it keeps coming and going.


    So for those of you with the same ongoing problems, I am attempting everything in my power to find the fix without going back to the Genius or replacing my phone. Once I get there I'll leave word. But for now.. do as a Genius does.. Buy a can of air.

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    Add my iPhone 4 to the list of iPhones with this exact same problem: Recording memos works fine but the microphone (built-in or headset, oddly this doesn't matter) does rarely work during phone calls.


    Interestingly, it must have to do something with the hardware since every now and then when I gently knock the iPhone onto the table or knock with my fingers on it the mic (again: built-in or headset) works for a short moment and the person on the other end can hear me. I suspect the noise cancelling, 2nd microphone not to work properly.


    I guess I need to send the iPhone in...

  • vishmaloo Level 1 (0 points)

    is there any workout for this issue ? i cant send it to apple ? so how can i fix it ?

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    I just started having this issue yesterday after upgrading to IOS 4.3.3 the night before.  It sounds like I'm the only on with a correlation to an OS upgrade, so maybe it's just coincidental.  There are lots of threads on this problem so it seems like it must be a known issue with Apple??

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    Apple has come up with a solution for the problem of callers can't hear the voice while on call. IOS 5 has a option on;

         Setting --> General -->Accessibility --> Hearing ( You have to switch On the option called "Hearing Aid Mode")

    I got the problem fixed on this.

    Thanks to Apple!!!!

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    I had the same problem, mic working fine in Voice Memos, Skype, etc but not working during calls (that includes the earbuds mic). I fixed it with a combination of cleaning all connections with a dust blower and plugging/unplugging the headset several times. The mic has been working fine since then. I will update if I experience the problem again.

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    awesome fix! Thanks a lot for this!


    I went to the Apple store and they were asking me to pay for a replacement phone (my warranty expired). Went to a repaid guy and he said it's a software issue and that I would have to get a replacement phone...but all that was needed was to press the Hearing Aid Mode setting it looks like. 

  • miodee Level 1 (0 points)

    actually ignore that...didn't fix the problem. Still keeps happening

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    I have the sme problem.  Took the phone to AT&T, they sent me to Apple.  Apple simply took the phone, called his number and agreed that the mic wasn't working, wanted to sell me another because i'm out of warranty.  Headphone Mic or Bluetooth doesn't work either but surprisingly "Voice Memo" app works. 


    Looks to me like a bug in software.  I've seen the same problem posted many times on this site and others, but Apple seems to be pretending that it does not exist.  Tried calling their technical assistance, but they wouldn't talk to me until I paid them $29.99.  BS in my book.

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