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My iPhone 4 is about a month and a half old. Randomly tonight it stopped receiving all text messages and I'm also not receiving incoming calls. I can, however, make calls and send text messages (and the recipient does receive the texts). I have reset the network settings, restored the phone to factory settings, shut down and restarted the phone a number of times (always leaving it turned off for a good 5+ minutes), double checked that everything is connected and that it shows service, but nothing. And I have paid the bill. Oh, and I am receiving emails. I'm starting to freak out because I really cannot afford to get a new phone right now. Can anyone offer me any suggestions? Especially if you have experienced this, too?

iPhone, iOS 4
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    Call AT&T Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500. Explain your problem and ask them to check the provisioning for your account
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    I fixed my situation by going into Settings>General>Network and turing off 3G. It worked on Edge. Then I turned back on 3G and it kept working.
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    I had to turn off 3G and Cellular Data to get my texts and for voice calls to finally come through again. Seems to be working just fine now.

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    haroldbonnaroo wrote:


    I had to turn off 3G and Cellular Data to get my texts and for voice calls to finally come through again. Seems to be working just fine now.

    This worked for me, turned them off then on. Thanks for the input.

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    This fixed my problem also.  My phone has been not recieving or it will start to ring after the caller has heard 3 or 4 rings and then I only get 1 ring to answer it before it goes to VM.


    I'm sure this is a total coincedence tim, but I am also in Tulsa.

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    I am having the same problem that ANewsome 1980 mentioned.  How do you turn off 3G?  I see how to turn off Cellular Data.

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    i erased some of my text messages as I had alot some from like 2009 and then the new text messages came through and i was able to setup my visual voicemail...after hours and hours of restoring,etc the easiet thing was just to delete some of the older ones....if you have an old iphone then all of the text messages will still be on the old phone...

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    Not every phone has the option to turn off 3G, just turn off cellular data.

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    Hello all! I'm facing the same situation: no calls/sms outgoing...the "end call" button greyed, sms never leaving... the problem here is that the warranty is now expired (I bought my iphone 4, nov 2010). Even when turning off/on the 3G switch solves the problem, it's only temporary, because randomly starts doing it again =(((.


    I've called 3 times to AppleCare services, but they are "busy" all the time, and keep me waiting in line...


    When this started, my iphone was running 5.0 ; now upgraded to 5.0.1. (with the hope of this problem being solved), but it's the same. Everything started with the installation of "TinyTowers", but I do not know if there's something bad before with my iphone. Before getting this phone, I purchased an OtterBox (defender series), and never EVER my phone was dropped or waterDamaged or stuff like that. Its the second time in a row that I have bad (very bad indeed) experiences with apple. Last time, was an iphone 3gs, that a month after warranty expiration, no wifi signals were detected =/


    So then again, is this phone designed to last only a year??


    Any hints on how to solve permanently this issue, r welcome.

    (no, I cannot get another iPhone 4 or +)



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    Hello all...


    I'm on iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 on Australian Vodafone Pre-paid network.


    Have a similar issue where I would call my iPhone from a landline, ring tone suggest that phone is ringing, but the actual iPhone device itself is not ringing.


    Thought it was the network, so I got myself a new sim - same problem.


    Use other (working in other iPhone) sim on the problem iPhone - same problem.


    Tried calling out from the problem iPhone - same problem.


    The only fix for me was to reset the iPhone by going to: Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings.


    Hope that helps others...


    The question is - what was the root cause of the problem? Hmmmm...

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    Hi all,


    My issue was resolved after installing IOS 5.1

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    Hi all,


    I'm having the same problem using the iPhone 4S with iOs 5.1. in portugal.

    I already tried reset my phone with original configuration and the problems persists. I'm still losing some SMS.

    The problem only stopped when I disabled the 3g, but for me this is not a valid solution....this is as iPhone 4s not an old phone :|

    I contacted the portuguese carrier ( TMN ) and in there systems is the log tells a "Protocol Error" for the missing SMS.

    My question is. If is a "Protocol Error" is from who and why?