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ola, i changed my emale address half a year ago, now using a new one with mobile me- ..... @me.com

i recently bought my first iphone and after setting it up and purchasing apps the phone reverted to my old apple id for itunes?

i checked and sure as ****/taxes my old apple id was still active and stranger still, is using the same credit card info as my new mac id???

i need to get rid of my old apple id- how do i do it or will apple do it for me?



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    ok, apple would actually assist me cancelling one id...... with certain implications pertaining to itunes purchases, which i understand and accept, in a very long, unlike steve jobs answer/reply/reference, it boils down to the fact that one loses or risk losing drm protected content.........
    i'll report back
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    How did you get ahold of Apple for them to do this? I have an old Apple ID that I don't use anymore, but I had the understanding that you can't (or Apple won't) "delete" your account- it'll just go into Archive mode. :/
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    ola liam,

    i'll provide the link...... but this post might be censored by big brother! LOL



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    ola papi,

    link is no good for reply by others......... i'll search again...... sorry, eish!
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    I would be very interested, too!
    I'm currently emailing with an iTunes representative, who finally agreed to delete my old account. Well, it turns out that she couldn't locate my account. Let me explain:

    I have two Apple IDs, but I never made any purchases with them online or in iTunes. So this is why my account is not an iTunes Store Account and why she couldn't delete it.

    iTunes Store Accounts can be cancelled/deleted, as it was described for me:

    This is what I was told by an iTunes Support representative:
    I understand that you would like to cancel your iTunes Store account. Please note that if your account is canceled you will no longer be able to redownload or upgrade Apps that you have purchased or authorize new computers to play content you have previously purchased. Although account cancellation is something I can help you with, I would like to offer some alternative resolutions for your issue. There are a couple of options that will allow you to retain full access to the items you purchased that have digital-rights management (DRM) while preventing your account from being used to make additional purchases.

    1) You can remove your billing information from your account at any time so that it can't be used to make purchases. By doing this, you retain the ability to authorize computers to play the items with DRM that you have purchased with the account and you will still have the account open in case you decide to use it later. Using this option also allows you to update and re-download applications that you have already purchased with your iTunes Store account. Here are the instructions for removing the billing information while keeping the account open:



    2) The iTunes Store can disable your account, which will prevent it from being used to make purchases. You will still be able to play the items you purchased with the account but you will not be able to re-download or update Apps that you have purchased.

    It is also possible to cancel the account, but you may lose the ability to play the items with DRM that you already purchased from the iTunes Store. For example, if your computer is repaired, you may not be able to reauthorize the computer to play your DRM purchases after the repair. Also, you wouldn't be able to authorize computers that were not already authorized before you canceled the account. If you purchased content on an iOS device and want to sync the content to a computer, but you have not yet authorized the computer for the account, you will not be able to sync the content to the unauthorized computer.

    Additionally, you will be unable to re-download or update Apps that you have previously purchased. If you create a new account in the future you will not be able to play any of the DRM items purchased with the canceled account and your will not be able to re-download or update Apps without having to purchase the Apps again. You can't reactivate the canceled account.

    In addition, if your account name is also your Apple ID, then cancelling the account will change the registration information for any product that you've registered with that Apple ID. This can make it difficult to sign in to other Apple websites that ask for an Apple ID and password.

    You should not cancel the account if you want to be sure you can continue to use your iTunes Store purchases that have DRM as well as update and re-download already purchased applications. I recommend either removing your billing information or disabling the account as described above.

    Note that if you have purchased any iTunes Plus content from the iTunes Store, or if you have upgraded any of your DRM purchases to iTunes Plus, cancelling your iTunes Store account will not affect your ability to play the iTunes Plus items on existing, new, or repaired computers.

    If you would like the iTunes Store to disable or cancel your iTunes account, please reply to this email specifying if you would like it disabled or canceled and include the following information. This is necessary for security purposes.

    - The billing address listed on the account

    ...as well as one of the following:

    - the last four digits of the credit card used for your iTunes Store account
    - or the order number of your most recent purchase
    - or the name of any item you've purchased using this account

    Upon receiving your response, Apple will verify your information, disable (or cancel) your account, and send you an email confirmation.

    So this is how far I got. I'm not giving up yet. To avoid any more confusion in the future I really want to delete one of the two Apple ID's.

    My thinking is that I may break the terms and conditions, which right now (Feb 2011) state that (5.1):

    +"If you fail to abide by these terms Apple may remove your submission. Apple may also send an e-mail that informs you that your Submission has been deleted or edited. Repeated inappropriate Submissions may result in your relevant account or accounts being placed into temporary or permanent suspension of your ability to participate in any or all of the areas on the Site."+

    Interestingly the T&C (4.2.1) also says that:

    +Do not ‘game’ the system. You agree to not create multiple IDs or otherwise manipulate the points system.+


    I mean, c'mon Apple!