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Is there a way to batch convert several single page, Pages documents to individual pdfs or a multi-page pdf?

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    Question asked and answered several times.

    If you search for key string like *_batch AND convert_* I guess that you will get threads in which I described my batchconvert… scripts.

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) samedi 5 février 2011 22:09:50
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    2 methods:

    1. *In Pages* open all the documents and copy paste the Thumbnails:

    +Menu > View > Page Thumbnails+

    into the Thumbnails of one document, print /export that to pdf.

    2. *In Preview .app* open all the pdfs:

    +Menu > Sidebar > Show Sidebar+

    drag all the thumbnails into one pdf and save that with a new name.

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    Thanks. That's faster than exporting one at a time.
    Not sure number 2 applies here as I am starting with .pages files.
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    Save/Export them to pdfs as per the tip. You must use this method if the documents are different page sizes and/or orientation.

    Both methods are about the same steps. Although if your intention is to have a single starting document, forming that up in Pages is the way to go.

    btw Why did you make separate documents if you want them all in one?

  • Tom Murray2 Level 4 Level 4 (1,155 points)
    I don't necessarily want to end up with a multi-page pdf.
    Separate or multi-page will do. Just looking for a way to convert many Pages files quickly.
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    You could use my version of #2 which does not involve opening all of the PDFs. Open the one you want as the first page & show the side bar, then select all of the other PDFs in Finder & drag the icons onto the icon of PDF #1 in its sidebar. All of the other PDFs will be added in the order they are sorted in Finder.

    If PDF #1 has more than one page you can drop the others anywhere within the blue-bordered area. The line, as at the bottom of this screenshot will show you were you are dropping them.

    If you don't drop the icons (either from Finder or another PDF's sidebar) in the blue-bordered area, Preview will not make a combined PDF.

  • Tom Murray2 Level 4 Level 4 (1,155 points)
    This is useful for making multi page PDFs with Preview from existing PDFs. I have previously used Acrobat.
    But my original question is about batch converting many .pages files into PDFs.
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    I figured someone else (Yvan, maybe?) had helped or would help with the conversion.

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    Sorry I'm a newbie here.


    Can someone enlighten me "step by step" what to do with the script?

    I tried to copy and paste into apple script editor but nothing seems to happen after that

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    You double click on the script and it will open in the script editor. Then you will be able to get instruction both in french and english.

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    Thanks for the reply!


    Do you mean copy and paste the scripts into script editor? I saved it and double clicked the script file and the script editor re-opened.


    I was asking about how to use the script to batch convert Pages files into pdfs. I know KOENIG Yvan shared with us some scripts, but what do I do after entering it into the script editor?

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    You save them as scripts to run from the Script Editor, or in Automator, or a Scripts menu on the menubar, or as an Application to run when you double click on it, or as a Droplet to drop files onto, that then get acted on by the script. You can even run them from Terminal.