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Having some trouble migrating my old mail server to new Mac Mini Server. I've had all MX records in place and working for years. In the firewall, I have SMTP and SMTPS ports open and forwarded to the server as well as IMAPS. (Do I need IMAP open also?)

I have a local user that I configured email for. (Took me a while to find the Local Directory in Workgroup Manager for enabling email for local users.) I also set the access lists for mail service in Server Admin to allow all users and groups so I can send email to the user account just fine.

I also have both IMAP and POP enabled for the local user account in WGM. I opened up authentication in Server Admin to allow LOGIN and Plain authentication. (Aside: Need to figure out how to enable Kerberos and CRAM-MD5 authentication.) SSL is also enabled for all services/ports.

Whenever I try to access the account through an iPhone or Mac Mail, the clients say: "user name or password is incorrect". The mail access log shows:

Feb 5 12:37:48 myhost dovecot[55735]: auth(default): od(myacct, mail account for: myacct is not enabled
Feb 5 12:37:48 myhost dovecot[55735]: auth(default): od(myacct, user account: myacct not enabled for mail

I thought I had covered all my bases. What have I missed?

MacBook Pro, Mac Mini Server, Mac OS X (10.6.6)