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    Well, I have NVIDIA card. Here's the Grapichs/Display in System Profiler:

    Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
    Type: GPU
    Bus: PCI
    VRAM (Total): 256 MB

    And here's the "Hardware":

    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 3 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz


    So i should be fine, shouldnt I?

    And if it is like this, why isnt anyone other complaining about this horrifying lag? And how come the lag reduces a lot, to no lag, when i play a bit?

    It's like the game needs more ram (memory) to use, like it doesnt got enough, even though i have 500 mb free. It's like i need to play on fullest settings in the game, so it needs to use more ram, and then reduce the settings again, to medium and then play. Its just like it doesnt have enough ram or something.

    Forgot to add; Today i noticed that Safari does have this lag aswell. tried when i had the game up. I scrolled up and down a bit, then i noticed that lag.

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    JTH. wrote:

    Forgot to add; Today i noticed that Safari does have this lag aswell. tried when i had the game up. I scrolled up and down a bit, then i noticed that lag.

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    The real test is how does Safari act when the game is NOT running. Make sure all other applications/games are NOT running. That does not mean you just click on the RED dot at the top of the Application window. I mean, QUIT the application.

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    it does not lag without a game up

    Look dude, when i have my game up, on max settings which i cant play with, it lags like that. but if i keep it like that some time, then it reduces and i can play normally. And then nothing else lags aswell. so it doesnt matter what is up or not, everything lags when my computer gets slow. so no i dont have to test it.
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    Then there is your answer, Dude! It is the game that is the problem. If things like, Pages, iWeb, iTunes, MS Office, were acting slow without the "game" running, then I would say there was a problem with your Mac. But as you just stated, that is not the case. You should consult the game manufacturers. My feeling is they will say that your system is not supported to run those particular games.

    What model of MacBook do you have... mine says this in SysProf...

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook
    Model Identifier: MacBook1,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core Duo

    PS... I just looked this up at MacWorld Review...

    "As another game that’s been brought to the Mac by TransGaming’s Cider translation-layer technology, Need for Speed: Carbon runs only on Intel-based Macs, and will only work right on Macs that have discrete graphics chips. (That means that MacBooks and Mac minis are left off the list of supported devices, unfortunately)."

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    Hehe, I dont think you listen to me, Or i've explained this wrong.

    Everyone's computer get some lag with games , right? What i mean by that is that when a game is up, and you're changing window to example msn messenger or firefox or safari or whatever, it does lag. I dont think any computer can run example assassins creed two without getting any lag at other processes.

    I changed from the game (Counter-Strike: Source) (A mac game for steam, yea) to firefox, and i noticed the same lag as ingame.

    The reason why it wont lag without the game is because there's nothing taking up memory or whatever it is taking up (the game). Thats the reason why it wont lag. I mean, No computer lag without anything up, right. So that's obsivious

    Also, how come I can run the game very smoothly, on highest settings (almost) after some while i've used highest settings (to reduce the lag),?

    I know how to fix the lag now, but it've getted harder to do it. Before i could just play a bit on highest settings to reduce it, but now that works too, but when i run the game again, the same lag is up. That wasnt happening before. So i have no clue what to do.

    I really think the game doesnt have enough RAM to use, even if it has. I mean, I got 500~~ or even 800 MB of memory left when i look. It's really weird. And i can ensure you that its not the game manufacterer fault. Because how come EVERY game lags? doesnt matter if its Cider or transgaming or whatever. It's every game. Every game. Even with the lowest setting, 800x600 resolution, lowest grapichs settings on the game. Doesnt matter how the settings are, it lags all the time until i put on highest settings, as i've exaplained 4 times before.

    What a long text Poor you who has to read everything, Or no not has* but yeah, you've probably done it if you came this far haha, I'm sorry ^^
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    You are tedious, I will give you that.

    Most high-end games are not supported by Integrated Graphics!!

    Do you understand what that means? Do you know the difference between Integrated and Designated Graphics cards/chips?

    If you are running ANY White MacBook, then your games are not supported. Admit you purchased a game that was not meant to run on your Model of MacBook and stop complaining about your Mac when it is not your Macs fault.

    If you think it is your MacBooks fault, then contact Apple to set an appointment or to send it in for repair. None of us here can help you.

    Better yet, send a link showing us you have contacted the Game Manufacturer concerning this problem.
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    Why is no one else having this problem? No one has made a thread, on any forum.

    I search on youtube for gaming videos. Very many.

    The game works perfectly after a while of playing.

    I have the exact system requirements, Yes, the exact! Man i dont understand, Why would they write a system requirement and mean another one?
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    You do not have the exact system requirements. Your graphics card is integrated and therefore does NOT match the system requirements.

    Will the game work anyway? As you've seen, the answer appears to be yes. However, there are no performance guarantees if you're running the game on an unsupported system.

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    So what your saying is that my dock, safari, itunes, does not "support" my mac?
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    That's right JTH. Your Mac does not support any Apple software. (rolling eyes).

    Tedious does not begin to describe your posts.

    If your game(s) are running, then they will slow the running of all applications. If this is your first Mac, make sure you Quit the Game. Don't just click on the RED dot thinking that Quits it, that only closes the window of the game. To check, look in your Dock and make sure there is NO little white dot/light next to or below the Game Icon.

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    But then I only have one question left.

    How come no one has complained about this before? (Googled a lot and searched on YouTube)

    How come a simple mac game from the apple store lags too?

    And how come i didnt know about this? (i've readed about intel core duo, games, ram, and that stuff)

    Now you'll probably come up with a lame answer to my reading, and not answer the other questions, (Thats what people usually do lol)

    Sorry for being rude in any offensed way i've been through this thread.
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    Which simple Mac Game from the apple store?
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    Thank you

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    JTH. wrote:
    So what your saying is that my dock, safari, itunes, does not "support" my mac?

    No, that is not what I said at all. Your Mac does not have the required graphics chipset for the game you want to play & so you may find that your computer acts a bit strangely while the game is running because you're using an +unsupported configuration+. If your computer is using the majority of its resources for the game, there's not much left for the other apps.

    If I'm running an RPG through Parallels on my Mac and then try to play a DVD, the video on my DVD starts skipping. Does this mean my Mac doesn't support the DVD player app? No, it means my computer doesn't have enough resources to handle both tasks and performance in the DVD player app suffers as a result. It doesn't matter that I still have 50% (of 200%) of my CPU available, 400MB or more of free RAM and 30 GB of free space on the computer--the integrated graphics card just isn't up for the task. If I owned a MacBook Pro, iMac or Power Mac, I'd likely see better performance.

    If other people with the +exact same configuration+ as you have aren't having issues, perhaps the problem lies with your machine. And the only way to determine this would be to find another person with the +exact same hardware+ as you have, then have that person run their computer off a clone of your internal hard drive. Not the easiest of tasks.

    I'm sorry you're having issues, but we've done the best we can for you. The reality is, if you want to get optimum performance from the game, you need a computer with a dedicated graphics card.

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    I actually tried playing "touch fly", from the appstore. I saw the exact same lag as i do on every other game.

    And touch fly is a game for mac, available on the app store.

    So isnt that even strange?