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It seems to get stuck while checking for updates (I've waited about 20 minutes and the progress bar was still about half way).

I have a limited amount of data download each month from my ISP and it looks like software update used it all up (a few GB) without actually downloading anything! I topped up with my ISP with some more data (an extra 3GB) and only this time could I find that it was responsible. Using activity monitor I can see it receives data from the internet the whole time but this all happens in the "checking for updates" phase.

Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone fined a solution? My DSL connection is probably slow by international standards (384Kbps) and I'm in South Africa so my ping delay is probably not favorable. Still, everything else on the internet works just fine - I'd expect the "checking" phase to take maybe 30 seconds max.

Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Download directly from here:
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    You know what... that website ALSO doesn't seem to finish loading. There is a dark graysish block with icons for all the different platforms and then there's a column of options on the left. But what seems to be the main part of the page on the lower right (when scrolled to the top) just shows a throbber / activity indicator and nothing happens.

    I tried this on an entirely different internet connection, tethering with my iPhone and using 3G with an entirely different ISP. That connection is a few Mbps so I should expect faster response but still it takes forever. I gave up after 5 minutes not checking to see if the thing will actually load because expensive data use was building up on my iPhone while the throbber was displaying.

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