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Until OS 4.0 I had sent maybe a handful of texts to the wrong person. No biggie. Totally my fault. Then OS 4 brought a change in the way your phone loads the MMS app when a at least one text is ignored from2 or more different phone numbers. Prior to OS 4 when you unlocked your phone after ignoring a text for each of at least two different phone numbers your phone by default would open the conversation from the most recent text message recieved. It was predictable. Then you could selectively choose who you would respond to. It always defaulted to the most recent text received.

After OS 4 when the aforementioned scenario takes place the iPhone now randomly chooses one of the conversations of one of the texts that has been ignored. Since this change i have sent the wrong message to the person dozens of times. This is an aweful update and makes not logical sense. Is there a way to vhange this back to the previous method or if I get enough people to submit requests can this pleaze be changed back. Every single person I personally know running OS 4 hates this feature and wishes for the old way bafk. Please listen Apple!!

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