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cruz10azul Level 1 Level 1
for some reason my iphone wont turn on. i plug in my iphone into my computer and the apple logo appears. when i unplug my iphone the screen turns off and the apple logo disappears. if i leave the iphone plugged in, the screen turns off after 1 minute and wont pass the apple logo. ive also tried doing a restore but my iphone wont go into dfu and my computer is not recognizing. does someone know whats wrong with my iphone?

hp, Windows Vista
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    If you can't sync your phone, you can't charge your phone, you can't reset/reboot your phone, you can't get it into DFU mode, and you can't get a charge from a charger (trying different cables), then it is time to make an appointment with the Genius Bar.

    It could just be the batter has reached its final stages, they do have 3rd party replacement programs and Apple does as well, I think $75.00, but I would hate to have you send it for 3rd party repair and find out it is not the battery.

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    Have you tried plugging the cable into the phone while holding down the home button and then pressing the power button? I had a similar problem last week and it worked for me.
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    Thank you this worked out for me, had the same problem my iphone was just showing the logo but not starting completely. I was able to restore my phone by plugging the phone and holding the start and home button. Then it show's you the itunes logo and the usb cable, I plug it to my pc and it recognize my phone.