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Dan D'Errico Level 1 Level 1
The Netflix website says that the show Dexter has subtitles. I have enabled the subtitles / closed caption options on my 2010 Apple TV. Yet they don't show up. Is it me? Did I missed something? Did I enable closed captions the wrong way? Is the Netflix website wrong? Thanks!

MBP 2.66 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4
    Other Netflix players use Silverlight, but that is not supported in iOS. It's possible the files are not properly encoded for the embedded Netflix player in the ATV, so you might want to send a message to Netflix support.
  • ncmacasl Level 1 Level 1
    Netflix uses a proprietary system for subtitles. They have only released the software to show the subtitles on 4 platforms so far: PC & Mac Web Browsers, Wii, & PS3. They do not show on any other platform so far. Netflix says that other platforms, including AppleTV, are "Coming Soon" but no release dates are given. they are adding titles with subtitling to the catalog weekly. Total is now over 700 titles. Sadly, Netflix does not provide any type of search method to allow for searching of titles with Subtitles. I have developed a list of titles on my blog here: http://ncmacasl.blogspot.com/2010/10/netflix-instantwatch-titles-with.html