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My iPhone can not detect any kind of WiFi networks, so I can't even join, because it doesn't even show me the available networks, yet my PS3 is on my wireless network... I have tried resetting my network settings, and that doesn't help either.

fyi, I am still on the iPhone 3G, but this shouldn't be the problem right? If I go to the Istore, would I have to pay for a new one?

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    dude.... im having the same issue with the iphone 4.. i was standing next to my friend who has the same phone and he picked up 6 wifi connections as i picked up zero. Called apple support today and tried to reset network connection, didn't work. Reset all settings, didn't work. Did a hard reset on the phone, didn't work. So my option now is to restore to factory settings which i will try soon but if that doesn't work they told me to bring the phone into the store so they will replace it i guess... bummer... let me know if you find a better solution...
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    If no change after resetting network settings on your iPhone, and after restoring your iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup, your iPhone has a hardware problem with the wireless card or with something else.

    If your iPhone is no longer under Apple's warranty and you don't have insurance for your iPhone, you will have to pay for a new iPhone. Apple offers an out of warranty or not covered under the warranty "repair" price, which pays for an exchange for the same model at a discounted price off the full retail sales price. In the U.S., this costs $199 plus applicable sales tax and the exchange under this program includes a 90 day warranty only.
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    so when i went to the genius bar at the apple store, they noticed right away that the phone wasn't picking up the wifi signal as well as it should have been... Thank god for apple care... got a new phone ... works great now and i can see wifi all around me
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    Good news about the new phone. I was just wondering how you go about resetting the network settings and doing a hard reset. I have exactly the same problem as you - my iphone 4 doesn't pick up wireless signals when everyone else does or just at a significantly reduced signal strength (unless i'm standing right next to the source)

    I'm not sure if my other issue is related or not to my network issues.. but google maps places me at least a kilometer out from where I actually am.

    Any advice on how to deal with this would be great.

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    Sorry to hear about your phone... I know exactly how you feel haha....

    1. Go to Settings ---General--- Reset (it's the last option on the bottom)

    If that doesn't work then do the same thing but instead of selecting reset network settings just select

    If that doesn't work then... Press and hold the home+power button . Keep holding it until you see the
    Apple logo and the entire phone resets .

    Last option -- you hook up ur phone to iTunes and restore the phone... Make sure you do a backup
    Though because your gonna loose everything on the phone ...

    So there you go... Those are all the steps that AppleCare went through with me ... And non
    Of the worked for me .... The guy a the genius bar said that this situation is rare but he has seen it.

    Hope this helps you out and goodluck