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    futuristlimited wrote:



    Which ones? Do you have samples available for analysis?


    I'm sure you know that Trojans are not viruses. The former require a dumb move by the user while viruses spread all by themselves.

  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,727 points)

    Sophos STILL does not currently catch one rare variant of the Flashback Trojan that I have in my possession.


    Why are you posting this on a Topic that has been inactive for almost 9 months and has been marked as solved, anyway?

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    Yes I do know that TROJANS are not VIRUSES.  But essentially an attack is just that.  There are people out there that wouldn't think to make a differentiation.  Unfortunately I don't have a sample.  Just feel comforted that it stopped the threat and quarantined it before it was executed.  I was informed at the Apple store I purchased my product at that AV was unneccessary for the iMac I purchased.  As a Windows user for decades it was very weird for me to "let go" like that.

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    Because I have never been in the forum.  Never posted.  And didn't know.  Geez maybe I should not post on this forum because there are people that act imperial and make you feel like you did something wrong. 

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    When you post what is essentially an advertisement for a particular product on a long-dead topic, you raise suspicions that you may be spamming the forum.

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    So now I am advertising.  Wow.  I don't understand.  I had a concern about a product.  I did a google search.  I got this forum thread as a solution.  "Solved" or not it should still be seen as a helpful topic and you should still be able to make a comment.  If I was anyone just looking for an answer and wanted to comment I guess they would be deemed a threat to this forum no matter what.  Thanks man.  For the second reminder.  And for a reason not to get help in this community. 

  • George Mowat-Brown Level 1 (35 points)

    When you say


      I had a concern about a product.  I did a google search.  I got this forum thread as a solution.  "Solved" or not it should still be seen as a helpful topic

    This is just the position I found myself in this evening and have received valuable advice here before from a friendly community — thus I accessed the helpful opinions and wished to thank the helpful posters, even if the topic had been moribund for a few months.



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    I think we can revisit that sentiment now.

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    As for myself, I intially used intego intially (being a paranoid person assuming something at some point in time could get on my imac - nothing is 100% full proof in my humble opinion) After a year, nothing was ever found or I went to the nay sayers and went without a av and worked smart....


    I would occassionally download, norton from my isp and run a scan for my paranoid side, nothing was ever found and i removed it.....


    Then one day, i had a "thing" try to get onto my computer, I beleive it was the macdefender...was able to remove it and take the applicable patches from apple....(but something got through - reinforcing my paranoid side)


    since then I have been flipping between sophros and claimxav (or using both - removing and installing)



    As for myself, I missed the recent bot issue that infected 600,000 computers...was it by luck (not going to those sites that introduced it) or was it having sophros or clamxav on and running...neither detected anything.


    I guess my feedback is, is its better to be safe then sorry. i like sophro's (see link above) for several reasons, but i also like claimxav  where it states


    ClamXav is a free virus scanner for Mac OS X. It uses the very popular ClamAV open source antivirus

    engine as a back end and has the ability to detect both Windows and Mac threats.


    not sure if sophros does that,   bottom line sophos with claimxav

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    I have tried avast and Sophos for Mac. I thought Sophos would be a better alternative and unisntalled avast.


    To be frank, Sophos was successful in making my 8GB, i7 MBP to literally crawl! It took me sometime to realise it though. I thought my machine was slow due to the Lion upgrade, but after I uninstalled Sophos, its running smoothly...I will never ever run Sophos...even after turning off the real time scan, Sophos made my machine completely unresponsive...

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    I have used ClamXav for years. Never any issues, easy setup, a good support forum, non-instrusive into your system.

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    Sophos was successful in making my 8GB, i7 MBP to literally crawl!


    That's not normal, in my testing of Sophos.  Perhaps you had something else installed that was conflicting somehow with Sophos.

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    I dont really know how Sophos managed to do that! But after the installation of Sophos, I could feel that my system was being unresponsive. So I turned off the real time scan, which made the system better. But over time, it started choking my system. Whatever I do, my high end MBP will take a **** lot of time to respond. I was sick of seeing the rainbow wheel spinning to infinity. Preferences pane took a **** lot of time to load...I spent 2200 bucks on the MBP and was feeling cheated! And just to check things, I removed Sophos and systemis behaving normally now. I wont install Sophos ever again, even if it one day becomes a stable AV.


    I dont think anything was conflicting with Sophos, that was the only AV on the system. I had removed avast before.

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    I had removed avast before.


    One possibillity: unless you didn't get all the Avast files and there was a conflict.

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    May not be. I had used a third party program(AppCleaner) to remove all the avast files. I'm pretty sure that avast was not running in the background. Anyways, I'm just so happy that my Mac is behaving perfectly normal after removing Sophos.