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If I open safari, it will show up on a right click as an open window but the window never appears. I could get on the internet until I downloaded an app from the app store the allowed me search the web where I downloaded Firefox which is what I'm working on now. Safari is still invisible. I click it, it bounces and for all intense and purposes it's on but the window is nowhere to be found. So does anyone have any advice to get the safari window visible again? It worked this morning just fine but around noon it went, pffft! I don't like Firefox. I'm not sure what happened, I'm guessing it's something simple that's blocking it.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Try launching Safari from the Applications folder.

    If you are running v10.6.2 as your profile indicates, you need to update your software. Click your Apple menu (top left in your screen) then click Software Update...

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    Tired that and I'm up to date just my profile isn't. v10.6.6, is where I'm at. Next idea(?) Thanks, in advance for the help .
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    Try reinstalling Safari.


    You're welcome.
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    gfann --

    Your problem could be the Community Toolbar.
    It's a terrible app/plugin that messes up Macs like the plague.

    Did you ever install a customized toolbar? Like a Facebook one? Or for watching sports?
    Here's how to search and destroy:

    Close Safari.
    Check here for CT Loader:

    HD/Library/Application Support/Conduit
    HD/Library/Receipts/<Toolbar name>.pkg
    HD/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/CT2285220.bundle
    HD/Users/<User name>/Library/Application Support/Conduit

    It may not be in every single location, but get it out where ever you find it.
    If you found it and deleted CT files, Restart Safari. Any Better?
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    tried that too. I think I need a bit more complexity to the answer, I've already attempted the obvious answers, and some of the less obvious. At the moment I am working on the theory safari is getting interference with another program. Just not sure which or why or how.
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    Try my suggestion on CT Loader, above.
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    Still no luck. I am pretty vigilant about not downloading things like that. I try to keep safari clean of any plug-ins. The only added content are the bookmarks. But I looked didn't find anything in those areas or anywhere else. ...Appreciate the advice and please keep the suggestion coming. Thanks, Greg.
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    PROBLEM SOLVED! And boy, I am one brain dead hairless monkey. I'm not going to say what the problem was because it's just to embarrassing. It's one of those dump things: like why is the TV remote not working? Because the batteries are dead. But thanks to those who responded, I appreciate the help. But it was all just one big fat brain ****. That longest brain **** I've ever had going on 7 hrs long. That's gotta be record.
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    Hi Greg --

    If you think that none of us have ever had a brain f*rt, you are mistaken.
    As human beings, I think we're all great at doing that, occasionally, LOL.

    For the sake of those future readers who are looking for their solution,
    could you please share the basic thing that caused your problem?
    I know it would be a great help to our posters here.

    VERY happy you're all fixed now!
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    Hey Greg -- Please share. I think I've got the same problem on 10.9.2 and Safari 7.0.2.


    It's so weird.