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I find the type and fonts on my 27" iMac inferior to the type on my iMac. I am using the default screen resolution of 2560x1440. I find the type in apps and on web pages small and not as sharp as on my iPad. Zooming in on web pages helps, but still the type is not as sharp as on my iPad. I use 13 pt. and large icons in Finder, which helps with the size but again the contract is not iPad quality,

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Also use a PC with Window XP
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    You might consider increasing the font size you use in applications. 13pt is a bit small for your screen resolution. My older monitor displays 1680 x 1050 and I use Times 16 in Safari with a minimum size of 12 pt. I use 12 pt on my Desktop. On a simple ratio basis your Desktop font should be set for 18 pt.

    Alternatively try a lower resolution. The main problem with this is that once you depart from the monitor's default resolution you usually find the image is not as sharp.

    Try to keep in mind that it's not really relevant comparing an iPad's display to your iMac's. The latter is significantly larger physically. The two devices display at very different resolutions relative to the screen size. The iPad has roughly 128 pixels per inch horizontally. Your iMac is probably around 100 pixels per inch. The iPad is naturally a sharper appearing display.
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    Where do I find the option to increase the font size in applications? In Finder I found that going to View->Show Options gives me a drop down menu with the choice to change pt. and icon size and other options within Finder. With this drop down menu displaying, if I click away on the desktop, the title of the drop down menu changes to Desktop with the option to change text size. This is helpful.

    In Safari the only way I have found to change text size is to zoom in and out, but doing so only changes the active window, e.g. zooming in while I am typing this reply only changes the text size of what I am typing and nothing else in this Safari window.

    I use Outlook for the Mac and the only place I have found to change font size is in Outlook preferences but this is just for composing messages. I have not figured out how to change the font size of messages I am reading, the side bar etc.

    There does not seem to be any standard way to change font size in applications. It would be a nice feature.
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    For the Finder and Desktop choose View Options from the View menu. In Safari preferences click on the Appearance icon. Click on the Advanced icon where you can set the minimum font size. Most applications should have a means for changing display fonts. Maybe in their preferences or a Format menu. You just need to explore to find it, if it's available.

    The zoom feature of OS X is OK, but it has limitations such as loss of sharpness and the need to scroll around the screen. Not quite the same as using a lower display resolution which may only reduce sharpness depending on how much lower you make the display. LCD displays show some lower resolutions better than others, but usually not as well as their design resolution.

    Might also take a look at these:


    CNet Downloads or MacUpdate. They may be helpful, but I don't know from any experience using them.