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I done recently backup of my iPhone 4 on my Windows machine, before I've got brand new replacement of iPhone 4 14G MC603B (ver: 4.2.1 (8C148)).
When I connected my new iPhone, I choose to restore, BUT I've got following error pop-up:
"iTunes could not restore the iPhone "My iPhone", because the iPhone refused the request"

I've spent whole day trying to restore this backup, including reseting the phone, 10 times reseting to default settings, installing latest iTunes, backuping and replacing the files, debugging iTunes via dtrace, checking the *.plist files and *.mbdb
and of course reading the instruction:
No way!
Apart of 1GB md5's files I've got as well: Info.plist Manifest.mbdb Manifest.mbdx Manifest.plist Status.plist
I also copied this folder onto my MacBook Air. On Mac iTunes 10.1.2 (17) see this backup as well without problems, but still the same error (other backups from my other 2nd iPhone does work, but not this).

I looked on every solution provided on following threads (not many): 81001
Lots of people still have the same problem and restarting your iPhone doesn't help!

Is there any way to FIX this problem permanently in iTunes?
Is there any error/debug log which iTunes provides, or it's just magic?
BTW. What this message exactly means? My iPhone refuse to restore the backup? ********.
Is there any way to debug iTunes to find what's wrong?
If you can't do it, can I download iTunes sources to fix it?
I'm very desparated and I was stupid, because I trusted it by backuping my data.
Thank you.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6), brand new iPhone
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