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I want to share with you a problem I encountered using Xcode 4 GM seed build 4A278. It was shocking to get no convenient code sense (code completion) in one of my classes inherited from NSObject. My .h file had no problem whatsoever, but the .m file didn't react to any of my gestures including the control command key combination.

All other files in the project the code sensing feature worked fine. This was my first couple of hours with Xcode 4 and the project was converted from Xcode 3. In the end, the solution was to copy the code into memory, delete the .m file, add a new .m file and finally pasting the code in to the .m file. Voila, there was the code sensing. You never know, you may experience a similar problem in the future.

I think I really going to like the new Xcode 4, good job Xcode team!

MacBook Pro 17, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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