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is the iPad intrinsically safe to work in Area were the Class II DevI is required?

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    The iPad is marketed and sold as a consumer device. If you require additional certifications, you are going to have to run the tests yourself or get a waiver.
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    you have any suggestions who can carry ot these tests

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    It is marketed and sold as a consumer device but there is a forum in iPad support that is titled "iPad in the enterprise".

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    Cheers thanks for your help and been serious

    The reason I ask is that it would be a great tool to use out on the job, following construct, piping and instrument drawings on refinery areas,load up drawings in pdf  read  using i books look at information

    Motorola radios which are used for comms have battery packs on which you can see the recharge terminals

    but as long as you use them within the leather pouch they still carry the EX rating for use within petroleum classification areas

    Anyone out there working on live petroleum classified areas will understand any battery operated equipment taken out on site will be covered by its use on a permit and usually have a gas test or continuous gas meter with it, while it is in use.

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    Good luck getting it certified.  That will cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

    The motorola radios we use have their charging terminal exposed also but do not need to be in their leather cases to be rated for the area.  Its the circuitry inside them that makes them "intrinsically safe"

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    There is a company out there who made the iPad explosion proof.

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    Check out this link: http://xciel.com/?page_id=32.


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    I have seen that link before but I do not believe it is explosion proof or intrinsically safe. Because it is only allowed in the IEC Zone two I would say it is the equivalent of Exn (non-sparking) or Exs (special). This means it is still rated for an area on most plants. There are 3 parts of the plant I work in this is not suitable but I love the idea that we can use the ipad in some hazardous areas! How much are they?

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    It is suitable for Class1 Div2 not Class1 Div1.