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So I am new to using the Automator, so I might be going about this the hard way. Any help would be great!

I have created individual workflows that copy folder content from my desktop to a folder on a server. There are multiple ones, because they are going to different locations on the server. I'm trying to set up a workflow that will run all of the workflows that I have saved in the same folder. But I'm not sure that I can run a workflow using variables.

Right now I have a different one set up where I manually select each workflow file, but I am hoping to automate this.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi Haxen2000, and a warm welcome to the forums!

    Since Automator is much different in 10.6 than 10.4 where you posted, I've asked this be moved to get you better help/answers... good luck!
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    It should be possible to run these workflows from within either Automator or Applescript. I haven't tried it in Automator but I have done it in AppleScript. Here's the basics of the process:

    1. Save each of your Automator workflows as applications. Each one has to have a distinctly different name.
    2. The AppleScript consists of a series of commands like the following.

    tell application "Birthdays In Two Months Final" to launch

    The information in quotes is the name of one of the Automator applications you created. Each application has a separate tell command. The AppleScript can be saved as an application.
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    Download the following workflow action. This should work.


    Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 12.39.23 AM.JPG


    You can also layout for me exactly what you are trying to achive and I can help you put the worfklow together.