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When I plug in the phone to the wall charger sometimes the fully charged icon will appear even though the battery is not fully charged. Say the battery level is at 5% and I plug it in, the fully charged icon will appear. Sometimes it will go away after a couple of minutes, sometimes it will stay for a longer period of time. Also, when the phone is charging sometimes it will report that it is 100% charged incorrectly. What I mean is that I will look at the phone, it will say 96% and then a second later it will report 100%. I'll wait a little while and it will then change to 97%. Has this happened to anyone else and do you think this is hardware or software? I bought the phone when it first came out, have it in a case all along and haven't dropped it. Should I schedule a call with a Apple tech since I have no Genius bars around me?

Mac Mini Intel 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6)