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Hi all,
I backed up my iMovie projects and footage onto Time Machine, (both in iMovie and, by regular Time Machine backups) and so(stupidly?) thought it was safe to delete the iMovie cache from my laptop to save space. Now, none of my projects work. I've tried to restore things by using Time Machine, but, it doesn't work for some reason, and says that I don't have any footage. It won't let me save the Time Machine backed up files to iMovie either, so I can save them onto a desktop folder, but iMovie won't accept them if I try to drag them into iMovie either. I'm sorry if this is confusing. Did I just ruin all my projects by deleting the cache, or can I save/restore my project library via Time Machine?
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    Old question, you might have moved on with this.  I have not done it myself yet, so this is an educated guess: you want to find out where the iMovie Events are located on your harddrive, go to Finder in the parent folder, invoke "Enter Time Machine", leaf throught the history and restore folders from there.


    And yes, I hate it myself too that iMovie has no relationship with Time Machine!


    Thank you,  eugen