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I have had my 2nd gen 32 GB ipod touch for over a year now and haven't had any problems until today. I have been adding a bunch of new music to my ipod over the last few days but the last group of songs will not add. The are all .mp3 files as are the rest of my songs. When I sync my ipod a messages shows up saying "some of the files in the library including '_' were not copied to the ipod '_' because they cannot be played on this ipod." When i click on each of the errors on the drop down list it says "'_' was not copied because teh audio format is not supported by the ipod '_'." I have spent over an hour looking around on the internet for anyone who has had the same problem but all I can find are people getting the same message with their video files because they didn't convert them to the proper file or size. I have tried removing the files from itunes and re-adding them but this didn't work. If anybody has an idea on what I can do it would be appreciated, however I would like to avoid the need to convert the files to other formats.

I am also using the most recent versions of itunes (version ipod software (version 4.2.1).

Thank you

32 GB 2nd Gen Ipod Touch, Windows Vista
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    MP3 files are supported by the iPod Touch!

    MP3 files between 8 and 320 kbps are supported as well as VBR (variable bit rate) MP3s. So what bit rate are your failing files? If they are within the specification, then perhaps the file was not correctly created or has become corrupted.

    There are various things you could try:
    1.) Go back to the source you got them from and try getting replacement copies. If that fails, then try contacting the owner of the MP3 files to let them know there is a problem.
    2.) You could try converting one file to a lower bit rate, although I've never tried the iTunes faciltiy to do this.
    3.) If you have Audacity, try opening it in Audacity and exporting it as a new MP3.

    Of course, if the the file is badly corrupted, then "fixes" 2 and 3 may not be able to manage a repair, but if either 2 or 3 fixes the problem, then you will know two things. First of all, that the original file was corrupted and second, that you know have a method for fixing the files in question.

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    Thanks for the information. I checked over the files and all the ones i looked at had a bit rate of 320 kbps. Is that something I can change or are the files going to have to be altered because they are corrupt?

    thank you
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    The bit rate isn't the problem, so perhaps the files are corrupt. You don't say that you have Audacity, so I assume you haven't. In which case, we'll forget that because it will take you time to download and configure it, get used to how it works and only then would you be able to use it to try and fix the problem. It might not fix it.

    I've never used the iTunes "convert songs to lower bit rate" (my 2nd suggestion) and know if you can select just one song to convert or whether it converts all your library.

    I think your only hope is my first suggestion, go back to the source and get replacement copies.

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    Ok thank you for the help. I will try that then.
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    I have just experienced the same problem with an iPod Nano. Suddenly iTunes/iPod would not accept the format of any of my songs/podcasts and everything I had on the Nano disappeared during synchronization. I ejected the Nano and connected it again. Then it seemed to work. So right now I am waiting for my 14 gig to be transferred to the iPod again. Arghhh....

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    i tunes IS compatable with mp3;

    check that these ate LEGITAIMATLY down loaded tracks, ie they are DRM free.

    in the settings you can select to import MP3 tracks, so it could either be;

    they are rights protected, or not legititimate downloads, or the files themselves are corrupt.