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Hello everyone,

I recently bought an iPod Touch 4G. It's a brilliant thing but when I played with it and compared it other items I've found out that my home button is permanently stuck near it's bottom edge. When pressed it goes down only at the top half and the bottom half is stuck. And the whole stroke is not as nice and smooth like in other items - it feels like the button is already pressed half-down.

And so I went to the shop I bought the iPod in to show it to them. I got an answer that they notice that this button isn't working as usually home buttons do but after all it does function so they can't accept my warranty claim. They've also advised that I may visit the authorized service provider and maybe they will accept the claim. But sadly service said "button does function and it's behavior does not exceed defined standard". What standards does Apple have if they accept something not working as expected to be perfectly fine? It's like someone would want to convince me that it's perfectly fine that driver's door in my brand new car do not fully close since anyway it's not raining on my head, so they don't see a problem. I have never expected such reaction from Apple. I am totally disappointed.

I don't know what to do now. Guys in the shop told me that sooner or later this button will fail to work but by that time either my warranty will not be valid anymore or Apple will say "it's a mechanical damage and it's not covered by warranty".

Has anyone any ideas on how to make Apple take their responsibility for this faulty piece I bought?


iPod Touch 4G, iOS 4
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    Call Apple, ask for Customer Relations, explain it to them and tell them you are upset about it. They will take care of you.

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    thanks for prompt reply. OK, I will call them tomorrow and will see what will they say. Hope you're right and they will really take care of my case.

    I will let know yet how it all ended up.

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    My 2nd gen touch did that so I got a cotton earbud and pressed the button down while brushing the inner circle. Worked a treat. Maybe try that.
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    Hmm... sounds tempting if it would really do the trick

    I'll give it a try as soon as I get my iPod back from service.

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    Welcome to the third world for Apple products. There's no Apple subsidiary in Poland. Anyone I can call here is Tech Support as there are no other departments. And the guy in Tech Support told me shortly "if Authorized Service does not confirm it's a fault then it's not a fault and I can't help you". Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Any idea I have now is to ask the Authorized Service to provide me with the results of the expertise in writing so that I can show it later on if I should have any problems with this button.

    Now I'm only more mad at Apple than I was before. Seems that it will take a while yet before Apple will really fully enter our market. Crap.

    Thanks anyway to anyone who helped me.