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    In Gmail click on "settings" and you can "add" any email account you want. You simply enter the address and server information if you want to "send" from that account and Gmail will forward the mail from that account downstream to your phone.
  • Run_Forest_Run Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok so now I am ****** off. just called Verizon and got their tier 2 tech support, what a JOKE

    The woman said that the IPhone does NOT, I will say it again does NOT give you email notification of ANY kind unless you have a 3rd party app or click on the mail button! ***? Seriously? A state of the art phone that doesn't give any indication that there is an unread email after it arrives? A POS flip phone does that. I said well when I reset the phone it works. Tech support: Oh well thats because you reset the phone. ***? Are you kidding me? She recommended "Boxcar" to get the notifications. She even said (no BS) that it sounds like you should be using a Blackberry if email is your priority! ***?

    This POS is so going back....Blackberry I am so sorry I ever doubted you........WILSON!!!
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    Update to the update. Boxcar app works. You get a notification even when the phone is locked just like text messages. Oh and BTW it is instant! No lag whatsoever. What a load of BS that you need an app to do what the phone should automatically. Disappointed.
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    I'm having problems receiving Push email from our Microsoft Exchange Small Business Server 2003 SP2. We are using active sync. I don't get email from the server unless I open the Mail app. Not receiving any notifications - not while the phone is on, nor when the phone is asleep. For work purposes this won't work.

    I've called Apple, been reading these discussions, and am currently sitting in the Perimeter Mall Apple Store.

    My IT guy has looked at this briefly.....he says he is getting Push mail from our server on his iPod Touch. There are at least three variables here...the phone itself, the Verizon network, and the server set up. If it is working on the iPod Touch it would seem to indicate an issue with either the phone or the network. The Genius here is trying to see if it gets mail over WiFi but I don't think this changes the issue.

    They've taken my phone and are reinstalling the operating system right now.

    I've got to get this fixed or it is back to Blackberry. Any tips for what the best Verizon BB phone would be....I've been using the 8830 and was pleased with the phone call quality, the battery life and off course email features. Not pleased with how often it freezes up, inability to read attachments, or open pictures.

    This is all very frustrating. And it also affects the battery life significantly. I've got a post on a battery life discussion on this board as well. Hope someone can help me figure this out. Thanks.
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    I just got off the phone with Verizon. A tad frustrating.

    My tech person said it was the first she'd heard of the problem, but agreed that the iPhone should provide email notification for my .Mac account. I was then transferred to Verizon's iPhone Support. He'd never heard of the issue, but registered my complaint, and said either Verizon or Apple would be contacting me within a week or two.

    He checked the records, and saw only SIX reported cases of this nature.

    Six? Seriously?

    Call Verizon, folks. Right now this does not seem to be a pressing concern of theirs.
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    I have a .Mac account, and I have found a solution that works for me. If you haven't followed these steps, try them!

    I found this on the Mobile Me support site:

    "From the Home screen, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then tap your MobileMe account (if syncing Contacts, Calendar, or Bookmark data with MobileMe, choose to keep the data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch when prompted). Tap Delete Account. On the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars screen, tap Add Account > MobileMe, and set up your account again. If you are syncing data with MobileMe on your device, choose to Merge data on your device when prompted to do so after adding your account."

    I made sure all the sliders were set to ON.

    In the mail program on the phone, my account no longer has the same name as my .mac address. It's now called "Mobile Me." (Obviously, my email address hasn't changed, just the name of the account.

    And it works.

    I really hope this helps!
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    I've been having this same problem too! I use RoadRunner email and added gmail account to see if that would solve the problem but no luck! I was on phone for 62 minutes today with Verizon and Apple support. Reset the phone, changed settings, etc....nothing works. I only get email when i click on "mail" icon and then messages download to phone- messages will not Push to the phone automatically. I get text and FB notifications but not email - very frustrating! Verizon said they are aware of the problem but don't have a solution yet - i'm hoping they figure this out soon!!
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    Just trying to put the pieces together here...(now that everything is working for me.)

    I'm thinking that setting up the phone automatically through iTunes caused the trouble. My first phone, set up through iTunes, never received pushed email notifications. The replacement phone DID, but only one time, and that was at the Genius Bar. The difference? After activating the second phone, we set it up through MobileMe. Thus, the mail account was MobileMe, and NOT (my user name)
    I got home, and synched through iTunes, which changed the email account back to (my user name), at which point I no longer received notifications.

    By deleting the account, and setting it up again THROUGH THE PHONE AND NOT THROUGH iTUNES as a MobileMe account, the problem has been solved.

    I'm hoping that .Mac users have the same success by following the steps listed in my previous post.
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    You have to set up your account on the phone via MobileMe anyway, not iTunes. So I have no idea what you're talking about. Anyway, I deleted my wife's .mac acct on her iPhone and added it back on the iPhone as you instructed to no avail. Still no push or fetch.
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    Drat. I was hoping it was a solution. Well, I'm sorry about that.
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    Try the "Boxcar" app. Check it out here: I ran several tests with Gmail open, and Outlook, plus the phone. After you set it up the inbound email is instantaneous to the phone, and you get the exact same popup as you do with text messaging even when the screen is locked. You can also add Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Very customizable, different tones, etc. Give it a try and you will have Blackberry like email.
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    Knock on wood, but...

    After early problems and delays, I have been getting Gmail notifications (set up via Exchange) almost instantly all weekend. I'm hoping that this is a sign of a fix, not a slow data weekend or some such.

    Facebook notifications, on the other hand, have been pretty inconsistent. Are the two related at all?
  • deggie Level 9 (52,130 points)
    No, Facebook notifications have been unreliable for quite a while now.
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    This is awful. I had so many problems with the blackberry and syncing with Entourage on my mac, I was so excited to get the verizon iphone. And now, problems with the and a godaddy email where I can't get email in a timely fashion and I can't get notices of email? GRRRRRR. I see the suggestion for boxcar, but I also see the reviews in the app store that say it's really not reliable. Anyone have any other ideas/workarounds? I spent well over an hour on the phone with verizon, then with apple, this morning, only to be told that I need to set up a gmail account as the work around and have all my email sent to that. Sure, I should tell my boss that the godaddy email he pays for and requires we all use (for record-keeping purposes) isn't ok, I have to use a gmail account instead... suuuuurrrrrrre, that will fly.
  • deggie Level 9 (52,130 points)
    Fetch is not working with your Go Daddy mail?
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