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    In my opinion, Apple has abandoned this and put their personnel to work on other more pressing, read newest and latest, projects. 


    It is a discourtesy to the business community, as well as the religious community, that the latest holiday calendar for US Christian holidays (and that would be heavy on the US cultural acceptance of the Gregorian calendar of events) is 2007!  WT...!!! 


    I had a meeting that I had to be at overseas that fell on Good Friday this year.  I didn't mark it because I didn't have access online.  So, how am I going to find that date when Easter has moved to several different weekends since 2007?!!  Very unprofessional and either shows disdain, incompetence, or neglect to the religious component of our culture, primarily, and business community, secondarily, that, even Apple, has to include in their yearly marketing plan to enhance their success in seasonal sales.


    Apple, delegate ONE employee to take care of the coming year's calendar for major events.  I'm sure marketing would have someone that has his/her fingers on the pulse of important events that influence their forecasts and all it would take is publishing them to the list of calendars in early December. 


    I think I should get some consulting fees here, don't you think?

  • léonie Level 9 Level 9 (72,255 points)

    Apple, delegate ONE employee to take care of the coming year's calendar for major events.



    Until Apple does that, perhaps you may try my little Apple Script that computes the Easter date by Gauss's rule for a given year. Open it with Script editor and press "Run" or install it for scripts menu. But no guarantees given - I wan't be responsible if you miss a buisiness meeting





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    Easter shows up in my US Holidays calendar, maybe that was a change for 2012.  However, I want Ash Wednesday, Good Friday etc etc the religious holidays around Easter so I downloaded the Christian Holidays and they were not there.  Transfiguration, Assumption, All Saints Day Advent etc etc were there.  Why not the Lenten dates.  I tried looking for other calendars that might have them in there but did not see them and since they are floating dates I want them in my iCal.  Any suggestions?



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    Hey Nancy,


    Try the "USA Holidays" calendar at the bottom of this page:



    I've subscribed, and can tell you it includes many patriotic and religious holidays, such as Pentacost, Ascention, Trinity Sunday, Superbowl Sunday (j/k ), Flag Day, Assumption Day, Patriot Day, Arbor Day, Constitution day, etc.  It's the best I've found.

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    Thanks so much, that has everything in it.  Interestingly though it doesn't show up as a subscribed calendar, only as on "on my mac".  I wanat to make sure it syncs with my other devides or I guess I can import it to those as well (ie Mac at home, iPad and iPhone).  I'll now delete my US Holidays calendar and the  Christian Calendar as this had all in it and some I wasn't even looking for.



  • Tgara Level 4 Level 4 (3,540 points)



    Did you add the calendar using the Subscribe function on the Calendar menu?  I ask because mine shows under the Subscriptions.


    As for your other Macs, I would simply subscribe on those machines instead of syncing.


    On your iOS devices, (iPad, iPhone), what I did was include this subscribed calendar as part of the Synced Calendars in the Info pane in iTunes.

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    I downloaded Léonie’s AppleScript calendar, but it calculated Easter 2012 on ‘Saturday, August 4, 2012...‘


    By the way, Easter also does not show up in the ‘Canadian Holidays’ calendar subscription...



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    Tgara, thank you so much for the link to the Mozilla calendar--it worked like a charm!  I also was frustrated with the deficiencies of the Apple US Holiday/Christian holiday calendars and this one is much better than either of those.  So, many thanks!


    And it added to my subscriptions, too--I followed the directions on the Mozilla webpage for adding the calendar--right click on the calendar listing, copy the link location and then paste that link location in the iCal "Calendar"-"Subscribe" box.


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    Really, Klaus?   Thank you for pointing that out.

    When I call the script the result is "Sunday, 8. April 2012"


    Could you please tell me the Date&Time formats you set in the "Language&Text" preferences?


    This line in the script

         set ds to "" & easterday & "/" & mon & "/" & y


    This line in the script constructs a date day/month/year; so if your date format setting starts with the month, then month and day will be switched. The problem with Apple script is, that there is not date constructor that is independent of the localisation settings, and that there seems to be no way to retrieve the settings. I have to think a bit about how to fix this.




  • Klaus Blume Level 2 Level 2 (310 points)

    Ahhh..., there is the rub.


    My date & time is set to 24hrs, and yyyy/mm/dd





  • léonie Level 9 Level 9 (72,255 points)

    Hello Klaus,

    This version of the script should fix the localization problem and work for any date format setting:


    -- Compute the easter date using Gauss algorithm

    -- Author: Leonie Dreschler-Fischer, 2001

    -- added localization independent date constructor March, 2012


    set theDate to current date

    set m to the month of theDate

    set y to the year of theDate

    set ts to the time string of theDate

    set t to the time of theDate

    set w to the weekday of theDate

    set h to t / hours


    display dialog "For which year do you want to know the easter date?:" default answer y buttons {"OK"} default button {"OK"}

    copy the result as list to {the y, the button_pressed}

    --set y to the  result


    if y < 1800 then return "Sorry, the year must be in the range 1800:2200"

    if y < 1900 then

              set mm to 23

              set nn to n

    else if y < 2100 then

              set mm to 24

              set nn to 5

    else if y < 2200 then

              set mm to 24

              set nn to 6


              return "Sorry, the year must be in the range 1800:2200"

    end if


    set a to y mod 19

    set b to y mod 4

    set c to y mod 7

    set d to (19 * a + mm) mod 30

    set e to (2 * b + 4 * c + 6 * d + nn) mod 7


    if 22 + d + e < 32 then

              set mon to 3 --March


              set mon to 4 --April

    end if

    if mon = 3 then

              set easterday to 22 + d + e


              set easterday to d + e - 9

              if easterday = 26 then set easterday to 19

              if (easterday = 25) and (d = 28) and (e = 6) and (a > 0) then set easterday to 19

    end if

    -- set ds to "" & easterday & "/" & mon & "/" & y

    set ds to current date

    set the day of ds to easterday

    set the year of ds to y

    set the month of ds to mon

    set the time of ds to 0


    set rosemonday to the date string of (ds - 48 * days)

    set karfreitag to the date string of (ds - 2 * days)

    set easterdate to the date string of ds

    set pentecost to the date string of (ds + 49 * days)

    set ascension to the date string of (ds + 39 * days)


    display dialog "Easter Holidays in the Year " & y & ":


    Monday before Lent:  " & rosemonday & ",

    Good Friday:  " & karfreitag & ",


    Easter:           " & easterdate & ",


    Ascension Day:  " & ascension & ",

    Pentecost:  " & pentecost buttons {"Thank you"} default button {"Thank you"}




  • Klaus Blume Level 2 Level 2 (310 points)

    Hi Léone,


    Works perfectly! Thank you.


    I must tell you, once upon a time I was a pretty reasonable ‘HyperCard’ script writer, but somehow got side tracked with other activities and missed the transition to AppleScript. You re-awakened my curiosity to take it up again...





  • léonie Level 9 Level 9 (72,255 points)

    Thank you for testing that, Klaus.


    I loved Hypercard too on my first Mac - that one looked like a "Mäusekino". AppleScript can be fun, i.e. in combination with Automator, but some things are tricky.


    You can download a free copy of the Apple Script Language Guide here:




  • Keith Gardner1 Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)

    The Christian calendar is not even available now. I noticed that there was a yellow triangle in my iCal next to that subscription, and when I clicked to try to refresh it, I'm getting a bad or missing link error. No great loss, obviously, since it never seemed like they cared about it. But it's disturbing to me that there is readily available a good Jewish holiday calendar, an Islamic holiday calendar, but not a Christian holiday calendar. I'm a business manager, I need to know ALL the holidays for variety of HR and other business related reasons. Seems pretty ridiculous that I need to have paper calendars on my wall, but it's just because these online calendars are not doing the trick. Very strange.

  • Keith Gardner1 Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)

    This calendar is good but not great. It does include the ones you mention, but it still doesn't include days like Maundy Thursday, All Souls' Day, Shrove Tuesday, etc. Also, it calls Groundhog Day "Groundhog's Day," which is irksome.

    But perhaps most irksome of all is the fact that it includes Kwanzaa, but makes not a mention that I found of a single Jewish holiday. Is Kwanzaa somehow more notable that, say, Yom Kippur?


    C'mon, calendar developers! Why are printed calendars so much better than electronic ones? Are you going to let that be?