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Url links in my wife's email program fail to pull up relevant pages in Firefox. Just sit there and do nothing.

History. Started three or four months ago. Solution was to restart the computer. The links would then work for four or five clicks but stop after that.

Because of other problems with her computer, we bought her a new iMac, the 27inch model. Forget the precise specs but if they become important in this conversation, I can certainly get them.

The link problem worked fine for a bit but it's now back. Restart, four or five clicks, problem returns, restart, four or five clicks, etc.

She has the most recent system software and the most recent version of Firefox.

Any obvious or not so obvious suggestions would be appreciated.

John Kendrick

Mac Pro 3.1 2.8 GHZ, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 6 GB RAM