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Does anyone know about ANY FREE Dynamic DNS service compatible with the Dynamic Global Hostname settings in Airport Extreme (MC340LL/A A1354)?

My registar/hosting (DreamHost) doesn't allow dynamic dns updates, except through local shell or perl scripts, or APIs on the web server — as far as I know. Dyndns.com only allows it with Custom DNS Zones, which are not free. And I would rather not use those silly update clients.

Oh, and I'm not willing to pay $99/yr for a MobileMe account just to have my home.owndomain.com pointed to my dynamic IP. Ain't gonna happen!

Thanks in advance!

Asus Intel, Windows 7, AEBS MC340LL/A A1354
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    Hello gdbr. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    FWIW, I currently use Dynamic DNS services from DynDNS. However, since my AEBSn is downstream and bridged, I am currently using this service with my Cisco router instead ... so I can't assure you 100% success using it with the AirPort.
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    Hi, Tesserax. Thanks for the welcome!

    I've been using DynDNS with a D-Link router, but it got replaced.

    Their words:

    <!-- Note on DynDNS Free and DynDNS Pro: We currently do not support the AirPort or Time Capsule devices on our Free and Pro Dynamic DNS services. You must use Custom DNS with your own domain name for this to work properly. If you're intent on using our DynDNS Free or DynDNS Pro devices with an AirPort or Time Capsule, you must use one of our DynDNS.com Update Clients.

    Setup Your Custom DNS Zone for Updates

    The AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express and Time Capsule devices do NOT use the DynDNS HTTP Update API [IETF Draft] to dynamically update DNS servers. Instead, these devices use the DNS Update [RFC 2136] protocol combined with TSIG security [RFC 2845]." -->

    Which means it CAN be done, but only with Custom DNS. First, I think $29.95 for just a pointer is a little expensive; second, I would have to move my DNS services from my hosting. Too much ado, so I'm looking for an alternative — without success so far. I just want something that uses DNS Update protocol and TSIG security.

    Meanwhile, I set up an API from my hosting and a perl script running on the boot to check if DNS is pointing to the right IP. It just works, clean and simple. But it's not a built-in solution and I cannot take advantage of wide area Bonjour, for example.

    So, if does anyone know about it — a free dynamic dns service that uses DNS Update protocol and TSIG security —, please let me know.

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    Have there been any new developments on this?


    I've got an FTP server port-mapped on Airport Extreme, but would like to dynamically update a domain to get around my ISP's DHCP.


    Should also mention  that I'm only using this for home use, so I'm not interested in 30$/annum solutions through custom dns.


    Many thanks for your help!


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    As far as I can tell, there is still no way to do this for free from the Airport Extreme. Here are the options I've found:

    • You can pay $30/year to dyn.com and route your own (purchased) domain name to your Airport Extreme (link)
    • You can run a DynamicDNS client on one of your computers
    • You can use another device on your home network (old router, webcam, etc.) with a built-in dyn dns updater to update your address


    It's expecially frustrating that older Airports had the ability to update Dynamic DNS services, but it was dropped with software updates and was never available for the newer hardware.  I assume Apple was tring to set a new standard for the industry, but it looks like no one is following. Or perhaps iCloud integration is the ultimte goal. Regardless, I'm unable to use my Apple router for dynamic DNS udpates.  I'm using the third option.

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    Does Anyone know how to configure DynDns, no-ip on a 2nd gen Airport Express?