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As of yesterday, my iPod will on longer sync to iTunes, or even charge when it is plugged into my computer. I've gone through all of the trouble shooting options apple has (that means restarting computer and iPod, reinstalling iTunes, using a different cable, using a different usb port). I've plugged my iPod into a different computer, and it begins to sync. I've tried another iPod on my computer and it works as well. It seams to be that my iPod and computer will not work together. The iPod isn't even recognized in My Computer. Can anyone help?

HP, Windows XP
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    Have you considered how powerful your USB ports are? When I got mine I had to get a high speed USB hub.
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    I had same problem,but now my ITouch won't even come on.I tried all of Apple's suggestions to no avail.While restoring the ITouch the last time it just turned black and it won't come on.Need help.

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    my ipod 4 just died and i cant get it to charge back up i tried to plug it into my computer but nothing happened and i tried to plug it into my playstation 3 also and it still wont work PLEASE HELP!!
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    Could the speed of the USB hub matter all of the sudden? I've been able to sync my iPod for months, and suddenly I'm unable to. I haven't changed anything about the USB hub.
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    The same happend to me last night, don't if it was a game update.

    Anyway, my iPod would not turn on, connect to windows, etc

    My solution was to put it in recovery mode:
    1. connect the ipod to a computer or charger
    2. press and hold the power button for 10 sec
    3. press home button for 10 seconds, do not release the power button yet
    4. after 10 seconds release the power button, keep pressing the home button
    5. when you hear a sound, release the button and wait.
    6. itunes will tell to restore it, do not do anything.
    7. just wait 10 minutes in order to allow the battery to charge, then press the power button or press it for a few seconds
    8. the iPod will restart, all should be normal, no data loss

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    It sounds to me like you missed one of the suggestions. Plug the USB cable directly into one of the ports on your computer and not into a port on a hub. It is quite possible that the hub is not longer providing enough power to the port to charge the iPod.
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    My iPod Touch 4th Generation won't turn on at all. I've tried every suggestion by people, followed the steps, etc, and nothing has happened. Can anyone help me?

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    Same here! It just WILL NOT sync or charge unless I put it into recovery mode first. Now my daughter has run the battery right down playing Angry Birds. FML. I've tried my computer, my wifes' computer, a wall socket, my car stereo and the one in my truck as well. Nothing. HELP!

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    had the same prob. i finally figured it out. ( for windows xp)


    1. if you use bitdefender or any antivirus ...turn it off !  (bitdefender) turn it off for 15 to 20 mins depending on how long you need to use the ipod.


    2. go to ''computer'' icon on your pc. right click and click ''properties''. go to ''hardware'' and to ''device manager''. plug in your ipod touch and go to ''universal serial bus controller' and wait to see if "apple mobile device usb driver' shows up. it should have a red 'X' on it. if not, plug it back in until it does. USE a GENUINE APPLE IPOD CABLE. if that doesnt work, make sure there are no ''yellow questions marks'" if so, uninstall it and plug ipod in PC again and go back to ''universal serial bus controller' and wait to see if "apple mobile device usb driver' shows up. if it does...


    3. click on the '"apple mobile device usb driver' a window should pop up saying this driver is ''disable''. click ''enable'' and then the driver should work find. you may hear a sound from your ipod, if it's needs charging the battery icon may appear or you'll see the lightning rod indicating it's charging.


    4. now that that is fixed..open up latest version of itunes...it will then pick up and let you start naming your ipod, ( if you've restored it) if you havent, it should work as it did before.


    5. IMPORTANT: you have to have ""apple mobile device support'' in your ''add and remove section'', to see if you do. go to ''control panel'' click ''add and remove'' look to see if ''apple mobile device support'' is there. if it's there; 1-4 should work ok.

    if not uninstall itunes and reinstall it on your PC with the latest version. if you're using a 64 bit computer make sure you download the 64 bit version. the itune software has the ""apple mobile device support'' in the software.


    hope this helps...worked for me and i have been trying to solve this for a WEEK. very hard to find the right info and hope this helps you



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    if none of the above works for you...try this -  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567?viewlocale=en_US


    it may help

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    Thank you Bubblegum007! I had to update the driver, your instructions helped a lot!

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    what i did was i plugged my ipod into the outlet cable then i turned it off. thats how i got it to charge. so try it and wait 10 min then turn it and see. but when you want to charge it you have to first plug it in then turn it off. i havent figured how to charge on the computer yet or show up on itunes. my computer wont even identify it

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    this happened to me after i updated my iTunes. follow these steps and it should work:

    -connect your iPod to the computer via USB cable

    -go to 'control panel'

    -click on 'hardware'

    -under 'devices and printers' click on 'device manager'

    -click on ''universal serial bus controllers'

    -right click on 'apple mobile device USB Driver'

    -click on 'update driver software'

    -click on 'search automatically for updated driver software'

    -the screen should then say it has updated to the latest software


    you should hear the sound it normally makes when you connect iPod to computer, and it will be connected and working properly. in iTunes, the device should show up in the column on the left as well.

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    my ipod still isnt working . now it wont turn on period .