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When I try to use Boot Camp Assistant I get the following message: "The startup disk does not have enough space to be partitioned. You must have at least 10 GB of free space available."

The problem is that when I look at my system information, I have 23 GB of space free. Any ideas on what could be causing this and possible solutions?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)
    Even that is too low though.

    Free space has to be contiguous, unfragmented.

    HFS+ needs its own 15% free to work.

    Windows 7 32-bit needs more than 20GB.
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    The solution for me was to run Repair Disk and also run Repair Disk Permissions. It only takes 12 minutes, so try this simple trick first.


    I had the same problem with Snow Leopard (although not with Leopard). It turns out that Boot Camp really wants 20GB for Windows.  So I cleared 50GB of free space and still got the "not enough space" error.  I defragged using iDefrag ($30 and 3 hours) and then got the "some files cannot be moved" error.


    But thanks to a tip elsewhere, I booted off my Snow Leopard install disk (hold the C key as you boot until the lanuage selection screen appears.) From the Utilities menu on the install screen choose Disk Utility, then Repair Disk.

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    "You must have at least 10 GB of free space available."


    "Even that is too low though."


    And this is another reason I'm going to LINUX after 20 years as a LOYAL Mac user.


    I have 27.6 of 80 free. Just how much more tdo I have to toss before pleasing the fruit.

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    You must have an SSD is my guess. Windows 7 can't really live on just 26GB. You might if you know how to use a 2nd drive for things and disable hibernation and page (not great idea both are useful).


    10GB was for XP, not Windows 7, and I never used XP but I think it will work.


    NO system though can thrive w/o about 20% free, 20GB free space. Not Mac, not Windows. Probably not SuSE.


    At 20% free Mac OS gets sluggish and free space can be highly fragmented. HFS turns out to handle fragmented free space and files slightly better than NTFS.

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    I have a late 2007 MacBook with an upgraded hard drive. All I'm doing is running the Bootcamp setup assistant, so I can install LINUX on another "partition". I've defragged, optimized and repaird my disk to no avail.


    Again LOYAL MAC user for 20 years fed up. Moving on. I really feel bad for all the people that I talked into switching to the Mac. Little did I know that Apples best days are far behind it now.


    Not too crazy about the whole cloud issue too. Ever heard of the "business records provion" in the "Patriot" act? Of course most don't know it.


    I expect this comment to be censored.

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    I don't think you even want to use BCA if your intended OS is linux.

    Checked with Ubuntu?


    80GB upgrade.... just sounded like SSD size and popular way to get better performance for some.


    As long as we have JohnYoo and guys that want to shred, ignore, rewrite, and work in the dark.... I'm concerned more about Mr Facebook for "privacy is so last century".  My Facebook info when some site's app wants full access to me, my full profile (not just public) and "all my friends." Right.


    I wonder if or when we'll find out who the current "plummers" are, outside the obvious. I'd love to see the house of cards and court jesters....


    All your bases are our bases.


    Dual-Boot Windows 7 Ubuntu


    Windows bootloader Ubuntu

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    Unfortunatly, for now, I must keep the Mac side of things until I figure out Linux and what apps to replace with what. I do a lot of design work in Adobe products.


    Ya, I don't do Facebook. For many reasons.

    My friend made a comment about Ron Paul on her facebook account and the next thing she knew, one of his books was on her Kindle. Ya cool, a Ron Paul book out of nowhere, but how scary is that.


    Oh, Don't forget Eric Schmidt too and his thoughs on privacy.


    I must say, the ONLY thing I do still like about Apple is they haven't told you yet that you've fully lost your privacy. So there's a (very) slim chance you didn't, yet. I'm not going to stick around to find out either.


    I looked a Ubuntu, But I get the creepy Apple feeling when I look at the features. It's that "cloud" thing again. Why can't MY cloud reside on MY computer.


    I think this is just going to push up my plans for buying a new NETBOOK to install Linux on.

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    Ubuntu seems to be popular and easy to switch to from Mac OS was the feeling I got.


    My roots were drawn more toward SuSE. Probably would look at RedHat Enterprise.


    Windows I actually trust pretty much. There are after all more copies and people, in one month Windows 7 has sold as many copies as all the copies of Mac OS running on Intel hardware. And looking at what is happening.


    Safari owns your cookies, your flash and LSI types that are "super cookies" too.


    I think Apple knows where my phone, what is on my phone and iPod. Time for an iPhone "tin foil hat" to prevent someone from swipping data by proximity. RFID is just not secure.


    If I "Like" a news article, buy a book, or look at a review? will Amazon "suggest" similar authors? yea, scary.  Walk by a kosaic and have it send a coupon and suggest an item? High res facial and iris recognition. So much for face time with NSA using my phone. You do realize that a phone can be on when it is off? and used to listen as well as track? Where's my phone anyone?


    Brave Foolish Worlds. We've got technology looking for (a)(b)use.


    nano-insect bugs doing wifi and scanning the 'battlefield."

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    Using Ragnar's solution as a starting point I found an even simpler option.


    Simply follow the steps below to get your free space back...


    1. Open Disk Utility

    2. Shrink the drive a little

    3. Close disk utility and open it up again

    4. Resize the drive to full size again - Boot camp is now happy!