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My iPhone has decided to suddenly go very quiet. It happened about the same time I had the Headphone mode problem. Managed to fix the headphone one by just inserting and removing the jack a few times.
Now the volume on the speakers is very, very quiet. If I have it at full volume, I can hardly hear the ring. If I put the headphones in and listen to music, It's louder at the same distance than with the speakers.
If i'm more than 1 meter away from the phone, I cannot hear it ring.
I've tried playing with the volume controls, turning of sound check for iPod. Not really sure what else to do, it's pretty bad. The voice volume of a phone call has also dramatically decreased as well and it's hard to hear people.
Any ideas how to fix it?

edit: Just fyi. All the volume settings for everything is on full. Normal, with headphones, on call, etc. It's running the latest update : 4.2.1

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