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So a lot of times when I try tO download new HD apps on my iPhone 4 it tells me I must delete some pictures or videos because I do not have enough space. When I sync my phone it says I have more than enough space. I only have about 30-40 pictures, like 10 minutes of videos, and two TV episodes. Can anybody tell me what the problem is?

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    Most apps require twice their used installed space to initially install. Once installed, the space is freed up. As an example, you want to install a GPS app that only consumes 1.5GB's once installed. That app will require 3~3.5GB's of free space to install. Once installed, it will only consume 1.5GB's.
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    How much free storage space on your iPhone is more than enough space and what is the overall size of the app you are trying to install?

    For example with a GPS navigation app that includes maps data installed with the app that is well over 1GB in size, you need much more than 1GB of free storage space in order to install the app - usually double that. So if such an app is 1.5GB in size, you need a minimum of 3GB of free storage space available to install the app. After the app is installed, you can use that free space for something else.