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I have an AOL & a gmail account and both dump into Mac Mail. My AOL has been attempting to loadi since 1/26 and my gmail has been loading since 2/2 with no new messages. I can send messages with no problems though.

This happened with my AOL earlier in January so I reset my password. It was fixed for about 2 weeks and then it started this again. This is the first time my gmail has done it.

I thought maybe I was hacked but I still get the messages to my iPhone with no problems. I'd like to be able to reply from my computer (MacMail) rather than my iPhone again, w/o having to log onto aol.com or mail.google.com seperately.

Anyone know how I fix this?

Oh, I am not very computer savvy when it comes to lingo and how computers & the internet work so please speak in layman's terms.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)