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Well the title says it all really,
over the xmas period I am back up to my parents for a couple of weeks but I may need access to a lot of work on my mac.I have a external hard drive with two partitions one is a clone of my hard drive the other I use as a storage dump.What I was wondering is ...is it possible to hook the hard drive up to a xp laptop and get at AI and psd files to use???? or will I have to burn all the info to dvd's?
now there would be no probelm if Santa brings me a lovely new power book for christmas!!!! well I can hope

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  • Steven Blunk Level 4 (2,645 points)
    It depends on the format of the drive. If it's been formatted HFS+, you'll need something like MacDrive

    Good luck

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    Hi, Mtm. In addition to software enabling it to read your drive, your parents' computer would also have to have software installed on it that could open and work with your Illustrator and Photoshop files. For practical purposes, your folks would have to have Windoze-compatible Illustrator and Photoshop versions installed. Do they?

    The same would apply if you burned your files to DVDs — you'd still have to have suitable applications on the PC to open and work on the files. Your Mac applications can't run on a PC, even if the PC can read your drive.
  • Kim Kwan Level 1 (5 points)

    I think (maybe occasionally) XP can read HFS+ drives cos my dad once successfully plugged in and dumped some files onto my external drive. I've never tried it again though.

    I've also read somewhere (think it was over on Spymac - can't remember exactly) that somebody sucessfully connected a Mac-formatted iPod to a PC and could read it in iTunes.

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  • Mtm Level 2 (385 points)
    yep my parents have a copy of creative suit so I was hoping that i wouldnt have to burn a load of dvds.
    thaks for all the answers , hope every one has a good christmas.