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I have a 13in macbook pro, 16gb iPad, and a new Verizon iPhone and I have the worst problems with wireless internet connections on all of them. I had a linksys router a wrt160n i believe which had problems and I have a netgear now that I'm using. Both of them have the same problem and give me spotty internet signal. My sisters windows laptop connects all the time no problems. Xbox connects no problems. Blue-ray player connects and stream netflix with no problems. Just apple products it seems. Is there a setting that I can change. As we speak now when I put the password in on my macbook it gets a connection timeout. My iPad and iPhone just say unable to connect to my wireless access point. Please help I'm so tired and frustrated. I don't believe it would be my ISP due to the fact I'm not having any problems with my wired lines and my other wireless connections.

O this is just another thing that I need help with, my macbook wont update the firmware update. It downloads and installs then when it reboots and starts makes the sound then just reboots again and says that the firmware update is available for download and installation again.

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