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Voicemail playback volume is barely audible. Have volume buttons on side of phone set to maximum and volume is okay during calls. Any ideas? Need to be able to access voice messages.

iPhone4, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I have the same issue. The volume during voicemail playback is significantly lower than the volume when making calls.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I had the exact problem and tried a hard reset...hold the power button and the home button down at the same time and wait for the screen to turn black, then turn the phone back on. This seemed to fix my volume problem for now. I hope it works for you!
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    i had the same issue.


    sometimes when checking my visual voicemails, the playback via speaker, bluetooth, or iphone itself is low despite having the volume turned up all the way. games, videos, and other sound-making processes don't appear affected.


    rebooting the phone seems to remedy the issue.


    i've spoken with the carrier's tech support and they do not have any means of controlling/adjusting the volume.


    because a reboot fixes the issue, i'm thinking it may be an iOS-related issue rather than hardware, particularly since all other sound-making sources (games, videos, etc. are not an issue.


    occassionally tapping the screen keys is loud (like when you enter an unlock code). then subsequent times the volume is at the expected loudness.


    has anyone else experience this and what are your thoughts?

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    something interesting i noticed this evening: after playing the greeting (custom) and hitting "cancel," then going into visual voicemail to play a message, the speaker button is highlighted but the sound plays through the iPhone earpiece instead of its speaker. during playback, toggling the "speaker" button corrected it.

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    Same problem. Can barely hear voicemail unless I turn on speaker. Then not overwhelmingly loud. Phone calls OK. Tried adjusting volume during phone call to max. Tried powering off and on. No, nothing is blocking the speaker. Called Apple, but the person claimed not to have heard of this problem. Tried hard reset after backup. No joy. Phone only few months old.

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    Same thing here.  Tried to listen to voicemails today after work - barely audible at full volume when listen through handset to ear.  Speakerphone is slightly better, but I don't want the world always hearing my voicemails.

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    My phone is brand new and I thought I had the same problem.  Nothing (on/off, reset, etc.) seemed to affect the problem, but then I wanted to check with my wife and see about her new phone.  My phone worked fine!  I finally figured out it's OK if it's not connected to the computer (I'd been updating some things).  When connected, the volume is extremely low.

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    The Apple Store advised Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings which fixed the low volume issues on my iPhone 4S.

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    This is a much better fix thatn the reboot. The reboot causes message  to come through the speaker which is the  default  setting. You give "sound advice". Thank you!

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    This fixed the problem on my iPhone 4S too--the problem occurred once I updated it (2014).  Thanks!

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    I am under contract until June at which time I plan to destroy my iPhone and get a phone that is logical to humans.  This is the 3rd Apple product (computer, Nano, and iPhone) we have owned and all of them are cumbersome to navigate, and suddenly present with new behaviors with no explanation.  This volume thing is only one of them.  I hate Apple products and will not EVER buy another one.