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I bought a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) for $59.95 to convert optical audio (via Toslink) to RCA analog stereo jacks.
Device I purchased was a DAC-2016 S/PDIF to Analog RCA cnvt.
Very compact!
Also, bought a Belkin Toslink cable for $19.95 at the local Apple Store.
Works perfectly with my HDTV that only has DVI and Component inputs (plus coax, component, etc.)
I just bought it last month.
Googled it a minute ago. Price seems to have gone back up to $89.95. (List price is $99.95.) Not available right now. Maybe Apple TV caused it to sell out.

Let me know if any of you can find this item in stock anywhere or have another solution. I have a friend who has an older HDTV with DVI inputs.


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