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For some reason, since last night my iPods headphone jack is stuffed, as in you can only pick up the high end and i think right ear of songs unless you wiggle it around but even then, it doesn't fix the issue. I know there is a spring to hold the jack in so it must be that, it is a first gen iPod Touch 8GB, probably outta warranty. I have tried the following without success:

1) Plugging headphones into my phone.
2) Different jack that works(from speaker y split cable) (Rules out issue with headphones)
3) Google the issue, usually comes up with "take it to be serviced"
4) Apple Discussions

I live in South Australia and the our Apple Store is called Next Byte (there is an apple store in Melbourne and Sydney) they're usually pretty expensive. So should I
1) Take it to be serviced at Next Byte.
2) Wait till I get a new iPhone, could be sometime, could be never and use a MiniDisk player (better sound quality) in the mean time.
3)Dismantle it and get new headphone jack from either MacFixIt or iFixit

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