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I just got the Verizon iPhone. Can people suggest

1) the best screen protector; the one that came with it is weird in that it won't actually attach to the screen at the edges

2) the juice pack from Mophie (case + built-in additional battery) - does it fit the Verizon iPhone also? Any problems with it?



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    I'll reply since no one else has - I hate it when I get no replies!

    For screen saver, I like Power Support's crystal film protector. It feels most like the actual touch screen when installed. Their anti-glare, which I have on my iPad, shows less fingerprints but is slightly more draggy to use, Zagg's Invisible Shield is also well-reviewed but it has a slight orange-peel look/feel and I like a screen saver to feel as much as possible like the actual screen in use Screen savers are essential, IMO. When I first got my phone in July, I took a week-long trip to San Diego without installing a screen saver and had a light scratch on my screen on my phone although it was in a case and I was careful with it.

    As for the Mophie Juice Pack, I read on some tech blogs this morning that it's being released for V iPhone so check the Mophie website. As to whether you need a case that provides extra battery life, I'd use the phone without it for a few days first to see how well your battery lasts with your personal usage requirements. I think iPhone 4 has better battery life than most comparable smart phones but none of them are really great.