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I bought a NAS drive from Western Digital MyBook Live, which serves as a iTunes server.

The NAS is well recognized in iTunes (10.1.2), it appears as a tab "shared". However, no song is displayed in the explorer ... as if there was no music on it, despite the fact that I have imported my files ... The disc is full of mp3s. In the admin server, I did rescan the iTunes folder.

I feel that this problem arises with this model of disk NAS and other models ... without a solution has been found to date.

Have you any idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you

iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Steve Hoge Level 2 Level 2
    Just a thought: some NAS units like my LaCie NetworkSpace 2 require that the media files served by the built-in iTunes or PNP server reside on a specifc partition or volume of the drive. In my case, a default volume called "OpenShare" has public permissions set and the server only looks there for servable media files. Files stored on the volume accessible only from my user account ("MyShare") are not served by the NAS and don't show up in iTunes.

    Does your WD My Book follow a similar convention for serving only publically accessible media files?

  • Steve Hoge Level 2 Level 2
    I have discovered that the LaCie NAS only seems to index media files when they are initially copied to the drive. Its admin control panel does have an enable/disable checkbox for the media server but checking it does not force a rescan or reindex. Once I get this unit rooted there may be a cmdline option to force a reindex.

    The problem I had with mine was that the index had been built with all my tracks, and they showed in iTunes when the LaCie was mounted under iTunes' SHARED tab, but they wouldn't play back.

    It turns out that the index was out of date since I had slightly renamed and shifted the track locations around in the filesystem since they were originally copied to the drive, and the LaCie daap server couldn't find them anymore. Since I undid the rename/move to restore the original filesystem config they are now being played back correctly in iTunes. Still don't see any iTunes playlists tho...

  • Sam Wilson1 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the exact same issue with my WD My World Book.

    I was actually thing of giving up and trying the My Book Live. Now I am thinking about scrapping WD all together.
  • Steve Hoge Level 2 Level 2
    You are on a Mac, correct?

    If you do a Finder copy (drag and drop) of a brand new (never before copied) media file from your Mac onto the WD filesystem does the file:

    1) show up in iTunes?


    2) play back in iTunes?

  • GeorgesZ Level 1 Level 1

    I just got a My Book Live. According to the User Manual, it should work. There is a small note in the User Manual in the section "Accessing My Book Live Using iTunes" that says "The iTunes server scans any shares that have the Media Serving setting enabled, including the Public share by default." Unfortunately, it seems that by default (at least with my My Book Live), the default share (Public) has the setting for "Media Serving" set to None. If you change it to "Music" or "All" and click the Rescan button in the iTune page of the My Book Live dashboard, you should get your music in the Public share to appear in iTunes.




  • kvenable Level 1 Level 1


    Just like to say THANK YOU!

    About ready to return the WD Live unit until I read your post. about setting the Media Shares.



    Here's the steps that I took to correct the problem

    I set the sharing on the Public folder under Shares. On the Public share, on the Media Serving: Hit the drop down and selected 'All".

    Then under the Settings, Media Tab, expand Twonky, expand Status, ran the rebuild, then the rescan.

    Noticed the counts of the track counts looked good.

    Then expanded the iTunes, did a rescan.


    Then re-stared iTunes, then the media shows in the shared MyBookLive share in iTunes.

    - Keith

  • chinadave1 Level 1 Level 1

    Just to say that I also have the WD MyBookLive and have managed to set it up so that my Sonos wireless system can access iTunes when my MacBook is off.

    You must copy your iTunes music file from within Finder and copy to the Shared music folder within MyBook Live also found using Finder on your Mac. 60GB of music took 2 hrs approx to copy across. This was then available within iTunes on the shared MyBookLive. I now play my music without having my MacBook on, Deep Joy.


  • brennie9997 Level 1 Level 1

    I too just bought a WD MBL....spent 3 days copying my iTunes folder across(twice)..duplicated everything by doing a full factory restore..started at 9 this morning is now 6 in the evening and only a third done...even worse nightmare...Now I want to start afresh and make no mistakes this time...there seems to be no cleare instructions in the WD manual ...would somebody please do a simple step by step for me...everywhere I look different advice is given...I have OS Lion..

    thank you in advance.....Brennie

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    Brennie, If i understand fromyour comments, if I want to get my existing itunes music library onto the wd mybooklive share drive (so that the itunes library will show up via twonky on the home theatre system) I need to go to finder, then copy and paste the itunes media music file to the MyBookLlive share file ? If that is the case, how would the share drive update subsequent changes to the itunes media music file ? I to am confused. Have you been able to sort your problem ? Andy

  • PeterF69 Level 1 Level 1

    Just a slightly off topic question;

    When using My Book Live or World, can I use the media server to sync to my iPod?


    Glad to know the disks work as I'm just about to buy for that reason.

  • James LeBrecht Level 1 Level 1



    Great instructions. But now, under Lion, when I choose my NAS drive within iTunes, it just goes on and on analyzing my drive. There are about 8,000 files there. Could that take a few hours, you think?





  • kvenable Level 1 Level 1



    Just a basic setup that would make a huge difference if set wrong.

    > iTunes >  Preferences > Advanced Tab/Icon > uncheck "Copy files to the iTunes Media folder"

    With this setting, you are only indexing the files not copying them to your local hard drive.

    Otherwise you would be copying all the files to your local iTunes folder

    and that would continue until your hard drive fill up.

    I think that by default the box is checked which you would not want.


    Also you could try to import a sub set of your data like a folder with just a few items

    and see how that works.  You can always delete these item and re-import them later.


    The basic idea is in iTunes:

       iTunes > File > Add to Library   ( Select your media drive )  This could take awhile.

    perhaps this is what you are doing??


    I have not had much luck with NAS drives, but some folks do. 

    These drives will only run as fast as your network, so if you have any network problems,

    it could cause skips or dropped frames in your videos.

    Sounds like you are throwing a heavy load on a slow connection.


    I use a dedicated Mac Mini with a 3TB firewire 800 drive attached for my media.

    Then I can share the iTunes library with other iTunes computers or do some streaming

    to iDevices via Air Video or Streamtome apps.  (this requires a server piece running

    on the computer with the iTunes Library)

    If you just want to do music, investigate PulpTunes.  It seems to work well thru a browser.


    If your media is not compatable with iTunes, it won't import the media.

    Examples:   wav, wmv, avi,  etc....

    Just try a single file from your nas and see if it comes in.

    I have converted all my media to iTunes format but still occasionally have issues.


    Hope I helped.


  • SkinnyWiz Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all.

    This could be a really dumb question, but having some experience of what can go wrong when I don't know what I'm doing, I thought I'd ask.


    My question is this:

    When I copy the music to the WD MyBook Live, do I drag the whole iTunes folder across, or just the iTunes Music folder?


    Dave, I too have a Sonos system. Do you mean that you do the copy twice? Once on the WD dashboard and once via the MacBook Finder?


    Thanks for your help and patience, people.

  • enzodaniele Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know but it doesn't work? Could you help me? Thx

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