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Recently, my 5th gen ipod nano stopped being recognized by my Windows 7 Computer. I can use the ipod, I just can't put or remove any music on or off of it. When plugged in I get the "USB Device Cannot be recognized" error, though the ipod will charge through the USB cable.

I've tried to no avail the following:
1. Un/reinstalling all Apple software.
2. Using a different iPod USB cable to connect to the computer.
3. Using a different USB port.
4. Trying the iPod on multiple computers.
5. Manually selecting the driver within Device Mananger in Windows 7 from "Unknown USB Device" to "Apple USB iPod Driver".
6. Removing and reinstalling all drivers.
7. Restarting my computer, multiple times.
8. Resetting my ipod "Menu+Select buttons for 6-10 seconds"
9. Putting the ipod in disk mode.

From what I understand I could resolve this problem by restoring the iPod to its factory settings, but since I can't get it to be recognized in a computer I am stumped. Am I stuck just with the current songs forever?

Windows 7