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Occasionally when importing a CD into itunes so I can put it on my iphone, itunes freezes on a song. The CD continues to spin, but itunes doesn't continue the import. The icon on the song in the itunes window shows that it is downloading but the progress bar does not move. It will stay like this for hours if I let it. This happens only occasionally and usually not on the first track of the CD. When it freezes I cannot shut itunes down. I've tried the stop import button, shutting the itunes window, killing itunes through the task manager, even powering down the computer (windows shut down even hangs). The only thing that works is a hard shut down of the laptop (holding the power button for 5 seconds).
I've checked the CDs for scratches and don't see any major scratches (although there are minor ones that itunes is perhaps getting stuck on). I've tried playing the track that itunes is stuck on using both itunes and windows media play and there are no issues.
This has happened across multiple versions of itunes (currently on

Dell Laptop, Windows XP, itunes (and previous versions)