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Hello there!!

I added the emoji keyboard to the keyboard list, but unfortunately, when I tried to switch to this keyboard via the "globe" icon aside the space key, this keyboard doesn't appear. Although I tried to press and hold the globe icon, the emoji keyboard doesn't appear in the keyboard list. For the end I mention that I did a general reset to the iPod touch but the problem still persistent to stay.  

Is someone has an idea how to solve this problem?

Best regards!


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ipod touch 4g 32GB iOS 4.1, Windows XP
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    atar wrote:
    I added the emoji keyboard to the keyboard list,


    When I installed the emoji keyboard, that was only part of it. Once it's on the iPod, you have to go into *Settings/General/International/Keyboards/Add New Keyboard* and actually add it to the list. Is that the list you added it to? If it was, try re-starting the iPod to see if that makes it work.

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    What's your meaning when you said "installed"?
    I only added the Emoji keyboard to the keyboard list as you mentioned, but this action isn't called to install.
    Please interpret you meaning.

    Waiting for your response as soon as possible!

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    Since I don't know where N/A is, "installed" and "added" may have different meanings for you than they do for me.

    But did you:
    1.) go to *Settings/General/International/Keyboards/Add New Keyboard* and select Emoji from that list?
    2.) Once you select it, the screen should return to the keyboards menu, with Emoji listed on it. Is it there?
    3.) If it is, then when you are using the keyboard (to type text), hold your finger on the globe button and the list of keyboards available to you will be shown. Is Emoji there?

    4.) By the way, how many keyboards are shown on your "globe" list?

    Which of the above numbered items fails?

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    Response for apple discussions forum:

    Hello there!!

    Firstly, thanks you about your care of my issue!!

    Secondly, I'm going to answer you about your questions:

    1) yes! I went to the location you mentioned, and added the Emoji keyboard. 

    2) indeed yes. After I added the Emoji keyboard to the keyboard list, the screen show me the Emoji keyboard in the keyboard list. 

    3) No. And in fact this is the main problem. that although I added the Emoji keyboard to the keyboard list, when I hold the finger on the globe icon, it shows me all the keyboard that I added except from the Emoji keyboard. 

    4)  I have two keyboards in my keyboard list but with the Emoji keyboard it need to be three. 

    Best regards!!

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    Okay, your answers have been very helpful. I have three keyboards installed on my 2G iPod Touch (one of which is Emoji), so that would suggest that the problem _is not_ too many keyboards.

    From everything you have said I suggest that you try the following:
    1.) Restart the iPod. +Press-and-hold the Sleep/Wake button and then fololw the prompt to power off the iPod. When it has fully turned off, press-and-hold Sleep/Wake button again until the iPod begins power up.+
    2.) If step 1 does not fix the problem, try a reset. +Press-and-hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together until the iPod begins a reset.+
    3. Remove the App from your iPod and then re-install it.

    Both steps 1 and 2 are easy and quick. However, if neither step resolves the problem (which I admit, I don't think they will), then I suggest you contact the App's support. There are several different Emoji Apps, so you will have to follow the links from your version through to the support. (I have Emoji Enabler). Step 3 will take you longer to perform, but may be easier than contacting the App's support.

    If you need to contact the App's support, refer to this post (with a link) so the developer can see what you have done so far.

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    Hello there!!

    Firstly, I again thank you very much about your engagement with my concern!! 

    Secondly, I try to did your 1&2 steps you suggested me to do several days ago, and as you said it indeed didn't work. 

    But at last, I understood what made the problem. I didn't think that there is a need to download and install any app in order to enable the Emoji keyboard feature, because I was sure that the iPod has this keyboard built in its iOS like it has the remaining keyboards built on itself, but since I have downloaded one of the Emoji keyboard apps, everything became right. 

    So at last my problem was solved and I again thank you very much about your kind support. 

    Much regards!! 