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Recently, I have noticed that when I put my mac to sleep there is an extreme latency in terms of the time it takes for the computer's screen to go blank and for the actual unit to go into sleep mode. I do not seem to be able to account for the occurrence, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to why it may be taking so long. Hopefully, this is not too ambiguous, but I cannot pinpoint as to what may be causing it.


2.4 GHZ 4GB Ram UMBP (Late 2008 Model), Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    The system is storing its present state in RAM before it goes to sleep. This is a benefit in case of power loss.

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    Right, I understand that. But it is taking substantially longer than what is normal. Even after a fresh boot, when there is a considerable portion of RAM free, the latency still persists. It is almost as if there is some other processes at work that is holding it up, but I cannot seem to be able to identify anything through Activity Monitor.

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    How long a time is "extreme latency"?
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    it might be if you hard disk space is getting low or it is heavily fragmented.
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    It takes a couple of minutes for it to go to sleep...how would I be able to determine if the hard drive's fragmented? There's 15 GB free on it.


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    It takes a couple of minutes for it to go to sleep. How would I know if the hard drive's fragmented, it has 15 GB of free space left?
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    I do not know how to check disk fragmentation wihout 3rd party tools. I use http://www.prosofteng.com/products/drive_genius.php, however there are more programs to check disks and fix errors or defragment ones.

    Having 15GB left I would be worried of possibility to start loosing files not talking about general computer performance.

    if I were in this kind of situation, I would avoid installing any applications being that much limited in disk space. I hope that you have your data backed up. I would use external disk to move important data along with big files (not an applications) to that disk. As well, most probably there are many files that might live on external disks only and be accessed whenever you want by connecting an external storage. In another words, provide more free space on your disk for computer to breath easier. Then install 3rd party disk utility i.e. one I mentioned above and run disk health tests, fragmentation tests and defragment it.

    I believe that this not only makes you Mac going to sleep faster but it will improve its general performance as well.

    P.S here it seams there is a possibility to get demo version http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/systemdiskutilities/drivegenius.html
    it might be that demo still has a possibility to be 100% functional for limited time.
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    I expect you have already done it.
    Have you tried doing permissions?