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I recently downloaded Keynote from the the new Mac App Store program on my Macbook Air and for some reason, I did not receive an emailed receipt. I'm trying to email a PDF of my receipt for business expenses. I cannot find an easy way to do this.

Thus began my 60 minute odyssey to recover my purchase history navigating through multiple counterintuitive Apple e-commerce portals. I did not realize that the Apple Store and the Mac App Store are separate billing entities with no shared purchase history, even though my account ID and password are shared. (i.e. i can buy software to be shipped to me via CD from the Apple Store, and I can download the same software from the App store HOWEVER I cannot access purchase history for both transactions from either store.)

I logged into my account information on the Apple Store website. No luck. I had to re-enter my information several times to access info on different account pages within the Apple Store website ("view saved carts", "view 1-click orders", etc. ad nauseum). No luck. I discovered through the course of research that Mac App store purchase history is counterintuitively accessed in the iTunes program of all places.

Finally, I pulled up my Mac App Store purchase history for the Keynote download, but THERE IS NO WAY TO PRINT IT! Do I really need to grab a screen shot, reformat in Photoshop and email the PDF to my accounting department?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Apple Store vs. App Store vs. iTunes CONFUSING!