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When using the App Store Application I noticed that Update All works to update my apps, but using the app store APP and trying to update individual apps doesn't work.

The Update button has a little plus sign on it, which it never used to have.
When I click on the update button it turns into an install button, which when clicked on does nothing.

This is a very new problem.

iPhone 3Gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • GeekBoy.from.Illinois Level 4 (2,805 points)
    Yes, and it is discussed in a couple other threads already, along with the known work arounds. It appears to be an issue with iPhone OS v3.1.3 and one of the more recent updates to the app store.
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    I have the same problem. I certainly don't want to use "Update All", because many of the apps won't run on 3.1.3 and then I'd have to manually downgrade those, which is a bit tiresome! Any chance of a link to the work around?

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    Was a fix to this ever found? 


    As GeekBoy indicated, apparently this issue has been discussed before.  But due to the changes in the discussion groups organization, I am completely unable to successfully find any other threads regarding this issue besides this one.  Frustrating.  I used to be able to search the discussion groups with ease. 


    Anyway, if anyone has a solution to this iPhone App Store issue (only being able to download updates from "Update All" rather than each app individually), I would really appreciate your reply or a link to another thread that contains the solution.


    Thanks so much.

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    It's been a while and I'm a bit fuzzy on this one, but I seem to recall that if you go to the App Store and "Check for Updates" it should take you to a screen showing all the available updates.  On that screen, I believe that you can click on each app icon to go to that app's page.  On teh App page, I believe you can click the "buy" button and get the message telling you that you've already bought it and ask you if you want to re-download it.  I think that method worked to allow you to download the apps one at a time, even though it is quite a bit more tedious than doing it from within the app store.  If it does work, more tedious is better than less tedious but not working...

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    Thanks for this point in the right direction, GeekBoy.  I actually can't use the update page to get to the app, because clicking on each app icon takes me to a screen where the button doesn't respond, not the app's actual page.  But your idea did encourage me to use the search function for each app I needed to update in the app store.  Then I do arrive at the app's page, and I can follow the rest of your advice.  Seriously, thank you.  Yes, it's tedious, but I agree it's certainly better than not working at all.