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a colleague wanted to know the following, and unfortunately I don't have an iPad myself so thought I'd ask here on his behalf:

He has a Wifi ipad, but he's going travelling, and there is no wifi access there.
He wanted to know if there was a way to connect his ipad to the internet.
I thought there might be something like a 3G dongle for ipad? (like there are for laptops) - or perhaps use a normal 3g dongle, but with an adapter so it can be hooked up to an ipad?
like I said, I know almost nothing about ipad accessories, so any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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    There is no USB Broadband adaptor (dongle) for the iPad so that option is out.

    He can explore purchasing a MiFi device and account, which is a cellular data connected device (rechargeable) that you carry with you and it creates your own WiFi hotspot that can be used by 5 computers.

    There are also cell phones that can be used as hotspots in a similar manner and reportedly the iPhone will be able to do the same (it can on the new Verizon iPhone in the US, to be available on AT&T "soon", I believe iPhone 4 only).

    http://www.novatelwireless.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout =blog&id=19&Itemid=12

    I would have him check local outlets for both of these options from his preferred provider.

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    as stated ipad wifi can access the internet from anything which offer a hotspot functionality it be a pc a wifi router or a standalone device which have internet access and act as a hotspot
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    Thanks guys, I think the MiFi option would be best for him. I will let him know, thank you for the advice.
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    If ur mate already has a usb wireless modem he will not have to get another plan if he buys something like the Netcomm Portable Router that I use. U just plug it into the little router (abt same size as cigarette pkt) and turn it on. Rechargeable ..... last 4-5 hrs I think. Never ran it that long non stop.