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We still have one original iphone v1 running its latest ios 3.1.3

It appears that this iOS does not meet the requirements for the new mm ical.

What does this mean for that iphone?
1. Will it not sync?
2. Will it just not be able to see/use the latest new mm ical features?
3. Will it malfunction and therefore I should not upgrade until we have stopped using that iphone?

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    Mac Fanatic,

    Just experimenting with my previous iPhone (IOS 3.1.3) converted to what I now call an my iPod Touch.

    1. Only using iTunes, but data entered into the iPod Touch was not transferred to any synced data.
    2. I could view all of the valid MobileMe data, but not interact with the data.
    3. It will according to my brief experiment display the correct data listed in the MobileMe data base, but the data will only be transferred to the iPhone using iTunes. I have not been able to transfer data entered in the iPod Touch to MobileMe using iTunes or the cloud. You could call that a malfunction.

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    Enable MobileMe sync in a few easy steps:
    1. Go to settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    2. Access the MobileMe account
    3. Disable Calendar sync and go back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    4. Choose ‘Add account’
    5. Choose ‘Other’
    6. Choose ‘Add CalDAV Account’
    7. Fill in, press next when done;
    - Server: cal.me.com
    - Username: yourusername (without @me.com)
    - Password: yourpassword
    - Description: Some name or recognizable thing (eg. MobileMe Calendars)
    8. Your account will be verified with MobileMe and should work within secongs. Verify and download the calendars in iCal on your iPhone.

    Unfortunately this account does not use Push, but uses Fetch instead.
    This is a semi automatic method triggered in preset intervals. I’ve set mine to 15 minutes.
    You can change this in Mail, Contacts, Calendars under ‘Fetch new data’.