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I work at a publishing company, where we have an iTunes Connect account we use to sell apps to the appstore. I'm trying to use this same account to distribute iBooks as well. So I go to the application portal at

where it says you can submit multiple different media type using the same accoutn as long as you apply seperately for each. I choose Books from the dropdown, then fill in my First/Last name, AppleID, and password, check the box to agree, and then I get the following error:

"The iTunes Store account entered has already applied to distribute Apps on the iTunes Store. To continue with this application, you must enter a different iTunes account."

I don't understand this as it seems to contradict the other information about being able to sell multiple media types with one account. Am I supposed to make a new AppleID? A new iTunes account? What do I need to do to sell iBooks?

please help!
many thanks

Dell, Windows 7
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