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Just received my new Verizon iPhone and when I connected it to my iMac and iTunes to get it authorized per instructions, it downloaded my entire contacts list complete with the groups I had the contacts in. I think that was the default setting. Unfortunately, I didn't want my complete list of contacts and groups of contacts on my iPhone and and have been struggling to remove them. Is there any simple way to do this? I have removed a lot of the contacts individually but have no idea how remove the groups. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

27" Intel Core i5 iMac & 15" PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Answered my own question by doing the following:

    --In iTunes>Preferences>Devices checked "prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically"
    --Archived current Address Book on my iMac
    --Deleted all contacts in the iMac Address Book
    --Connected the iPhone to the iMac which opened iTunes
    --In the iTunes File menu I clicked Sync "xxxx's iPhone". This replaced the iPhone contacts list with a list w/o any contacts or groups
    --Disconnected the iPhone from the iMac
    --Opened Address Book on the iMac and clicked File>Import>archived Address Book and restored the iMac Address Book to where it was before I deleted all contacts and groups
    --Went back to the iPhone and entered the contacts I wanted

    Easier than I thought it would be!